Viewing Platform
The Star Forge - Viewing Platform

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1 - Exit

Exit to Command Center (#5).

2 - Darth Malak

There are plenty of strategies to defeat Darth Malak. Perhaps you might like to read one in our user-submitted Malak Strategies section, but there are slight exploits listed among the strategies so be warned, and he's not overly difficult if you're prepared. However, here I'll give a few useful tips, and tell you how he must be defeated regardless of which strategy you use.

In each of the numbered areas around the Viewing Platform, from 3 to 8, are several holding cells with Jedi captives. Areas #3 and #4 are areas with two captives nearby, and the other numbers represent one captive, for a total of eight captives in all. Every time you get Malak down to roughly 50 - 75% of his life, he'll run off to one of these captives and replenish his life again. He'll do this until all the captives are used up, at which point you can finally take him down the full 100%, thus ending the game. That's essentially how it works. There are some more pointers though.

If you're playing a Dark Side character, most likely you have a few Force Powers that do direct damage... and the Drain Life series works great for replenishing your own. Even some Light Side players may have Throw Lightsaber. Slightly surprisingly, the Force Suppression/Breach line works as well (but makes sense if you think about it). After you get Malak down in energy so that he uses one of the captives, you can use these force powers to kill the remaining seven Jedi captives (as they'll then be identified in the red enemy color), thereby reducing the number of times Malak can replenish his own life, making a possible long battle somewhat shorter with each Jedi death. Any force power that does damage will work, as well as the Force Breach line of powers. To find out whether you have a power that works, simply target one of the "red" jedi captives (after Malak has replenished once), and cycle through your available force powers. If you're forced face Malak the full nine times... don't lose hope, it's still very doable.

Finally, I feel that I must mention it here, though it will make little to no difference by this point. Your answers to the intro conversation with Malak have the potential to reap either (LS Points) or (DS Points). Now on with the battle techniques.

DEFENSIVE Malak Defeating Tips (non-exploits) - things to do at all times:

  • Use your Stims. By now you should have plenty of stimulants (hyper-stims being the best) and hopefully, life support packs as back up when your own life is severely depleted - and likely it will be at some point. At every point in the battle, have at least one stimulant active, and hopefully more if you can spare the time. Use your stamina stims first, as these will increase your constitution and therefore vitality. All stims can help immensely. You may use the pause screen to pop a stim or restore health, as it won't use up one of your actions that round.

  • Use your Shields. The overall best shield in the game, a Verpine Prototype Shield, gives you a lot of freedom and protection during your battle with Malak, but don't abuse it, as it will definitely wear out after a short time in melee. Even should you have one or more of these, save at least one charge for Malak's last remaining health boost. Yusani's Dueling Shield, if you found it, is perhaps the overall best shield to use against Malak, being capable of absorbing 100 pts as opposed to 70 pts... however you are likely to have more Verpine. If you don't have the Verpine or Yusani's, use your next best shield. Use them all until they are used up.

  • Conserve your Force Powers. If you're going to cast something, have it be Resistance or Immunity, or if absolutely necessary, Heal. But try and use your life support/advanced medpacs for healing. The battle might be a very long one, especially if you can't take out the Jedi captives using damaging force power attacks, and you don't want to run out of energy too soon. Do not let your health get too low. Use your advanced medpacs up after a solid Malak hit, conserving your Life Support packs until you really need them.

  • Try to have Force Immunity on for most of the battle, or at least Force Resistance if you have it. Each casting lasts 60 seconds. It will cut down significantly on the damage Malak inflicts on you when throwing his lightsaber or using Dark force powers, and that's very important.

  • Save often during the fight, and using multiple save slots. This is important, especially if it's a long battle. You never know when he's about to land a few successful blows and if your last save was just before that happens, you might be in trouble.

  • OFFENSIVE Malak Defeating Tips (non-exploits) - depleting Malak's vitality:

  • This is perhaps the number one easiest way to defeat Malak: if you have any damaging Force Powers like Force Lightning, Throw Lightsaber, the Stun Droid series or even the Force Suppression/Breach line in this unique case, first use one of the other techniques listed on this page to deplete Malak's energy to roughly 50-75% the first time, so that he uses up a jedi captive to replenish his energy. After this, the remaining seven captives will turn red to you, meaning that you can treat them as an enemy. Distance yourself from Malak as best you can (the Force Speed line works well here), find a captive who is still alive and attempt to use your Force Power mentioned above to kill it before Malak can use it. This will use up one of his "nine lives." When they're all "freed" you can use all the power at your disposal to defeat Malak once and for all. For Dark Side players, the drain life line is particularly helpful, as it both kills the captives and restores your health.

  • If you saved up some Thermal Detonators, use them. When is the best time? When he's chasing you and stops for any reason, be it to attempt to cast a force power at you, or to throw his own lightsaber. Use that opportunity to immediately toss a Thermal Detonator at him, and watch it not only take off a lot of damage, but often knock him on the ground for a brief time as well. You can usually do this consecutively as many times as needed until he either dies or needs to replenish. This works with all grenades, though none are as effective as the TD ... except perhaps the adhesive. We've been told that Adhesive grenades work "every time" with Malak. That could work very well in your favor, perhaps even before throwing a TD.

  • If you're playing a character who can place mines and have some saved up, attempt to distance yourself from Malak and begin laying mines (deadly of course being the best) in his path to you. He'll run over them, and usually take a substantial amount of health off himself, sometimes requiring that he use up a Jedi captive. This perhaps is one of the best tactics for a Jedi Consular or Scoundrel with the demolitions skill.

  • When Malak is defeated, you'll be treated to an awesome ending to one of the best ever RPGs. Congratulations!!

    3 - Two Jedi Captives

    Malak will use one of these to replenish his health when it's low.

    4 - Two Jedi Captives

    Malak will use one of these to replenish his health when it's low.

    5 - Jedi Captive

    Malak will use one of these to replenish his health when it's low.

    6 - Jedi Captive

    Malak will use one of these to replenish his health when it's low.

    7 - Jedi Captive

    Malak will use one of these to replenish his health when it's low.

    8 - Jedi Captive

    Malak will use one of these to replenish his health when it's low.

    9 - Exit

    Exit to the rest of your life. This exit will be locked during your battle with Malak. At the end, you'll automatically leave through this door.