Tomb of Tulak Hord
Korriban - Tomb of Tulak Hord

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1 - Exit

Exit to Valley of the Dark Lords (#8). Your goal is to reach area #5. You'll fight many tuk'ata beasts and some shyracks within.

2 - Unactivated Droid

You can repair this droid and set it to patrol mode for xp. It can help with the tuk'ata here, though they are fairly easy to kill.

3 - Ancient Console

Use this ancient console to open the nearby locked door. As soon as you step over the threshold of the door, your party will be poisoned with gas and taken to area #4 to meet Jorak Uln.

4 - Jorak Uln, Mad Sith

Jorak is Uthar's old master, and carries with him some writings that would be very useful for prestige to Uthar. However, at the moment, he'll be preoccupied with making you and Mekel, another academy student you may have met before, play a deadly quiz game. No matter your responses, Jorak will begin asking you a series of questions, and you can either refuse to answer (or provide Light Side answers) to torture yourself, or answer correctly with dark side answers to kill Mekel and save yourself (for 1000xp). If you choose to save yourself, simply answer with Dark Side responses three times. Jorak will then hand you the ancient sith tablet, you'll get 1000xp and he'll leave but Mekel will die and you'll get obvious (DS Points). Before the Q&A begins, however, Mekel will tell you that if you can hold out, both he and you can attack Jorak.

By refusing to answer or giving Light Side answers, you'll torture yourself. This will happen five times. You can last throughout the entire question period, but Mekel cannot. After Jorak gives up, both Mekel and your party will attack Jorak, though you as the main character will be significantly low on vitality. It's recommended that you heal yourself and utilize all the force powers of your party against Jorak. He can be tough. If you happen to save yourself and Mekel, you'll get 1000xp and can then persuade Mekel away from the Dark Side for (LS Points) by first choosing the "nobody deserves to die like that, nobody" line. Then you can persuade him that "this can be the chance to change your ways." If at any time you kill Mekel, you can find a Phond Crystal on his remains. On Jorak's remains you'll find 450 credits, an ancient sith tablet which you can return to Uthar for great prestige, and an Opila Crystal, among other things. Check the Tomb Door/sarcophagus and niches inside this room for an item and lightsaber crystals. Bash open anything you can't use security on.

5 - Tomb Door, Sarcophagus

Open the locked tomb door and then sarcophagus to discover Tulak Hord's Mask.

6 - Clay Urn

Within this locked niche is a clay urn. Check it for a Violet Crystal.

7 - Clay Urn

Within this locked niche is another clay urn. Check it for a Bondar Crystal.

8 - Clay Urn

Within this locked niche is yet another clay urn. Check it for a Firkrann Crystal.