Upper Sewers
Taris - Upper Sewers

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1 - Exit

Exit to Lower Sewers (#8). In the first large circular room, you'll fight both rakghouls and Gamorreans.

2 - Malfunctioning Droid

Nothing out of the ordinary except a hostile malfunctioning droid and a minor mine between you and it. You can easily step around the mine or go ranged against the droid, but be careful not to allow your party members to rush out and accidentally trigger it.

3 - Severed Arm

Laying on the ground just before the door you'll find a severed arm. Search it to find a datapad and "Synthesized Odor." You can figure out what to do with the odor by reading the datapad (hint: use it at area #4).

4 - Rancor Beast

This is a large room containing one huge corpse pile and one huge rancor. You can actually defeat the rancor in battle with careful use of grenades and skill (for 650xp according to a submission), by planting mines using Mission, or you can kill him the easy way without much risk of death. Put your character on Solo Mode (the Back button), and walk over to the corpse pile not too far from the entrance to the room. It's right in the middle. You won't bother the Rancor this far away so you won't need to go stealth. Activate the pile, take the items inside, and activate it again. Press the X button to Give Items to the pile. Give it the grenade of your choice. The window will close. Now activate it again, and give it the "Synthesized Odor" you found on the severed arm at area #3 for 200xp. Watch and enjoy.

5 - Exit

Exit to Black Vulkar Base (#1). You'll find two Vulkar guards on watch by this exit.