Korriban - Dreshdae

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1 - Exit

Exit to The Ebon Hawk (#1). Your first goal on Korriban is to enter the Sith Academy. To do that you'll need to learn of the assistant head teacher there, Yuthura Ban, and that she usually hangs out at the Cantina. One of the Sith hopefuls in front of the Cantina at area #10 can tell you, or you can initiate the quest by speaking with the Sith Guard at the Academy Entrance (#4) location. Either way, you'll need to pop out to the Academy Entrance area and then back for Yuthura to show up in the Cantina.

Note: This landing bay is one of the triggers for NPC party quests in the game, as is a similar area on each of the planets. See the Jedi Enclave #2 for complete details on any of these quests.

2 - Port Authority Encounter

When you first pass this twi'lek gent, he'll ask for 25 credits for a docking fee. You can pay it or persuade him to enter for free. You can also ask him (and many others) about Korriban, the Sith Academy and the Star Map to learn more about your eventual goal.

3 - Shaardan & Students Encounter

Your first time here, you'll see Shaardan, a member of the Sith Academy, attempting to humiliate some Sith potentials. He'll ask your opinion on what he should do to them. If you persuade him to let them go, you'll get (LS Points).

4 - B'ree & Apprentice Encounter

At first you'll only see B'ree. He's a rodian merchant who sells some nice items, especially Cassus Fett's Heavy Pistol, for 10k.

  • After getting turned down by Yuthura for the Sith Academy:

    A Sith Apprentice encounter will only happen here if you've been to speak with Yuthura in the Cantina (and you will), and attempt to lie to her about your willingness to learn the ways of the Sith. After that, you'll be needing a Sith Medallion to enter the Academy, and this is the place to get one. You'll see the apprentice threatening a woman. He'll attack your party regardless of what you say, and when he's done, check his remains. You'll receive the Sith Medallion and a Bondar Crystal for your lightsaber. You can now bring the Sith Medallion back to Yuthura and show her, and she'll show you into the Academy.

    5 - Sith Students Encounter

    Again, your first time here, you'll encounter a female Sith student named Lashowe for the first time. Her and her friends will attempt to make you entertain them. There's really no opportunity for xp or Light or Dark points here, so say what you wish... it can be kind of funny.

    6 - Sith Thugs Encounter

    This encounter will only happen after speaking with Yuthura and lying about your intent to join the Sith the first time you speak with her. On your way back to area #4 to pick up a Sith Medallion, these thugs will attempt to pick a fight with your party. If you persuade them otherwise, you'll get 200xp and (LS Points). If you decide to stay and fight, you'll find the medallion you were looking for on their remains, and will no longer need the one at #4, though it's also there for the taking (mainly as the alternative for Light Side characters to make sure you get inside the Academy).

    7 - Czerka Office Store

    You'll find a fairly friendly Czerka rep here who will sell you decent merchandise. There's also a sith academy hopeful in the area that you can persuade to leave Korriban for a helping of (LS Points), but only if you have the Sith Medallion (see #11).

    8 - Lurze & the Ebon Hawk Quests

    You can pick up two Ebon Hawk quests with Lurze. The first time you talk with him, he'll tell you about some spice that was never delivered. If you say you'll go get it for him, he'll give you the code to a secret compartment in the Ebon Hawk. When you get the spice and bring it back, you'll receive 500xp and 1000 credits (persuade for 1500), and open up another quest.

    The next quest from Lurze is the Mysterious Box quest. He'll ask that you deliver it to Motta the Hutt on Tatooine for 2000 credits. Whether you just take the first quest or both, you can find complete details on these quests at The Ebon Hawk (#1), under "Secret Spice" and "Mysterious Box."

    There's also a sith academy hopeful in the area that you can persuade to leave Korriban for a helping of (LS Points), but only if you have the Sith Medallion (see #11).

    9 - Toll Apkar, Pazaak Shark

    He'll play Pazaak with you for a max of 100 credits per hand.

    10 - Mika Dorin, Premium Merchant

    Ah, Mika Dorin. Throughout the first part of the game, he'll be oblivious to your stature. After having been through the Leviathan however, you may be approached outside the Ebon Hawk at any of the planet's landing ports (including Korriban's) by a twi'lek who gives you an invitation to Mika Dorin's specialty shop here on Korriban.

    This is the finest place to buy items in the game in the Xbox version (PC users get the Yavin Station shop as well). However, exactly how to trigger the twi'lek invitation was likely the biggest mystery in the game until nearly 3 months after the game's release. From reading and participating in some of the Premium Shop threads in the official forums, it now appears they've found a fairly solid way to trigger the shop invitation. Before the end of these forum threads, triggering the invitation appeared random or a bug at best. Here's what you can do to improve your chances. Simply do not trigger Juhani's side quest with Xor before reaching the Leviathan. That would be after your fourth of five Star Maps including Dantooine. Wait until after the Leviathan to complete her side quest. It appears you can talk to her about slavery and her family, but exiting the Ebon Hawk at a landing port with her in tow may trigger Xor to appear, so it's advised you exit with other party members and call her in at another area instead.

    Either way, after you get the invitation to Mika's shop, come back here and be prepared to see some of the most expensive items in the game, as well as the very best. And it's only after retrieving four of five Star Maps.

    11 - Yuthura Ban & Dak Vesser

    As your first main goal on Korriban is to get into the Sith Academy, Yuthura here will be required to let you in. She'll only be standing here if you've first received word of mouth of her existence. One of the Sith hopefuls outside the Cantina here, the female, can tell you about the Academy and of Yuthura, or you can venture outside to the Academy Entrance and speak with the guard at Academy Entrance (#4). If you're outside already and have spoken with the guard, just hop back inside and speak with Yuthura. If you get the quest from the woman at the entrance to the Cantina, you'll need to pop outside to the Academy Entrance and then go back in for Yuthura to show up.

    Yuthura will ask you if you really want to become a Sith. You can either bluntly say no thanks, attempt to persuade/lie that you do want to learn the ways of the Sith, or you can persuade truthfully that you do for (DS Points). If you persuade truthfully that you do, or successfully persuade/lie that you do, she'll take you immediately into the Academy to see Uthar, the head teacher. Beyond that, you'll find yourself at Sith Academy (#1). During the initial conversation with Uthar, you can avoid more Dark Side points by stating that the Sith are "a force to be reckoned with," when he asks what you know about them.

    If you fail to persuade/lie or say "no thanks," she'll reject you and you'll need to find a Sith Medallion to enter. Fortunately the medallion is easy to find. There's one at area #4 on a Sith Apprentice who'll show up there after your conversation with Yuthura ends. Simply walk up to the encounter, he'll attack your party, and you can find the Medallion on his remains. Bring it back and show it to Yuthura, and she'll take you into the Academy for the initiation. Afterward, you'll find yourself at Sith Academy (#1). During the initial conversation with Uthar, you can avoid Dark Side points by stating that the Sith are "a force to be reckoned with," when he asks what you know about them.

  • After you've spoken with Dak Vesser in the Valley of the Dark Lords:

    Dak was once emotionally attached to Juhani. If you've spoken with him at the Valley of the Dark Lords (#4), and he runs off, you can then find him here in the Cantina. He'll spill a little more about his relationship with Juhani and mention that he's going to leave Korriban. Here's where it gets interesting. You can ask him threateningly, "what if I don't want to let you go?" and then tell him that you are going to kill him. That will start a fight every time except if Juhani is in your party. If so, she'll tell you to back off and it won't happen. If she's not in your party though and you do kill him, besides the obligatory (DS Points) you get, search his remains for the only Eralam Crystal in the game.

  • 12 - Exit

    Exit to Academy Entrance (#1).