North Apartments
Taris - Upper City North Apartments

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1 - Exit

Exit to Upper City North (#2). This is where you'll get the Sith Armor required to enter Lower City. You'll either get it from the Sith Party (if you were invited) or from an interrogation going on at area #4. There's also a bounty quest here (see #2).

2 - Largo's Bounty

Inside the room you'll find Largo. He's another of many to have a bounty on their head in this city. You can choose to help him by giving him the 200 credits and receive (LS Points), or you can kill him for 400xp and collect his bounty with Zax in the Lower City Cantina (#8) for (DS Points). On his remains there's an Energy Projector melee upgrade. When you speak with Zax the Hutt, he'll give you 300 creds and 105xp for the bounty.

3 - Sith Party

There's a party going on here if you've been invited by Sarna (if you're male) at the Upper City Cantina (#5) or Yun Genda (if female) at Upper City Cantina (#6). If you've already acquired the Sith Armor or haven't yet spoken to Sarna or Yun, nothing but a footlocker with items is in the room. In that case, head one door up (see #4) to the Sith Interrogation. During the party, watch them as they can't hold their liquor and then search a backpack for the Sith Armor you'll need to enter the Lower City.

4 - Sith Interrogation

If you weren't invited to the Sith Party, there's an interrogation happening in this room. If you were, it's unoccupied. As you walk by, a Sith Guard will question you. Whichever way you choose to answer their inquiry, if you persist it will end up in a fight, and that's a good thing in this case, as it's the only way to get your Sith Armor. If you save the prisoner and defeat the Sith, you can talk to him to find out about the armor. He'll suggest checking the newly fallen Sith corpses. Unsurprisingly the armor is there (whether you let the prisoner live or not). As soon as you pick it up, you'll receive 300xp and can now enter Lower City. When you're ready, the entrance to Lower City is from Upper City North (#6).