Taris - Undercity

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1 - Exit

Exit to Lower City (#6). When you first enter Undercity, you'll encounter some rather tough-talking beggars. They'll ask for 5 credits, but give them 20 credits if you want some (LS Points). Afterward, another outcast will come forward and offer you some starting advice in Undercity, such as to talk with Gendar, the leader (see #3) or Rukil (also #3).

2 - Outcast Healer

Free healing any time, plus a quest to cure the infected outcasts in the small area beyond the gate behind her. When you get the Rakghoul Serum (see #8) you can come back here, open the gate behind her, fight off three newly-turned rakghouls, and then use the serum on the infected outcasts huddled in the left corner of the small area. If you cure them, you'll get (LS Points) and 210xp.

3 - Rukil & Gendar

Gendar is the leader of the outcasts. You can sponge him for information about the Undercity but little else. Rukil on the other hand, offers up two quests. The first, if you agree, will have you looking for a "Promised Land Journal," lost somewhere in the Undercity beyond the gate (see #5). The journal itself is at #13 on an outcast corpse. When you have the journal in hand, you can return to Rukil for 175xp and for yet another, slightly different quest. Seems his father and grandfather also kept journals, but they were lost somewhere in the lower sewers (see Lower Sewers (#2, #5) for the exact locations).

  • After finding all three Promised Land Journals:

    Bring them all back to Rukil for 325 xp, (LS Points) and a cut-scene. A word of warning: when you do this, you won't have access to any of the villagers in the Undercity again.

  • 4 - Igear, Wholesale & Pazaak Merchant

    Igear deals in wholesale goods, slightly cheaper than normal. You'll find all the basics plus a few decent items for sale, and a small selection of Pazaak cards at the end of his inventory.

  • After finding the Promised Land Journals (from Rukil's quest) at area #13:

    If you return to Rukil for the next quest and then back to Igear's turf, he'll initiate conversation and ask that you give them to him so he can destroy them - all for a bank busting 100 credits (persuade for more), 325xp and (DS Points). Is it worth it?
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    5 - Hendar Encounter at the Gate

    When you first approach the gate, young Hendar is being chased by a rakghoul inside. You can either let him suffer or try and aid his escape. Defeat the rakghoul and rescue Hendar for 100xp and (LS Points). Once you leave the gate, there are many groups of usually four to six rakghouls huddled in various corners of the Undercity. Use the healer occasionally if you want to save on medpacs (see #2).

    6 - Meet Mission

    As soon as you venture out into the wilds of the Undercity beyond the main gate (#5), you'll be approached by Mission Vao, who needs your help to rescue her buddy Zaalbar who's being held captive in the Lower Sewers (#3). Since you were supposed to find her anyway and try to enlist her help with the Black Vulkar base, she'll offer up a deal. Rescue Zaalbar and she'll help you into the Vulkar base. When you agree, she'll become a new party member with skills in demolitions, stealth and security, and you'll receive 330xp.

    7 - Sith Patrol Encounter

    If you're nice to the Sith on patrol, you can avoid a confrontation. If not, you get a fight which can be good for some xp. The Rakghoul Serum is a little further south at #8.

    8 - Sith Soldiers

    Search a Sith Soldier corpse here for the Rakghoul Serum and a Beam Splitter among other things. Be prepared to fight through rakghouls first, however. Rakghouls are fast. It's easy to take a few down on their way to you using ranged weapons, and then switch to melee when they're close. Or you can start by throwing a grenade in the bunch to make the battle easier.

  • After you've got the Rakghoul Serum:

    You have a few choices for what to do with it. You can see #2 and cure the outcasts for a small side-quest for one. Or, you might also take it to Zax the Hutt in the Lower City Cantina (#8) for 1k credits (persuade for 1500) and Dark Side points. Another option is to take it to Zelka at Upper City South (#6) for multiple light side point opportunities but little financial gain. You may then buy some back from him for 1 credit and still cure the outcasts.

  • 9 - Exit

    Exit to Lower Sewers (#6). If you haven't fully explored Undercity, I'd hold off on entering the Lower Sewers from this entrance, and probably enter from the top north entrance (see #11) when you're ready. It's not any harder this way, but there's more things to do in the north for quests and light side points if you're interested.

    10 - Escape Pod

    All around the circumference of the area there will be minor mines. Use Mission to recover or disable them. When you get closer to the pod itself, a wounded republic soldier will come out of hiding. If you've found the serum and give it to him, you can get (LS Points). After the encounter, prepare to fight some incoming rakghouls.

    11 - Exit

    Exit to Lower Sewers (#1).

    12 - Canderous and Co. Encounter

    When you reach this area, Canderous Ordo and some other Davik hoods will confront you - not for battle, just for big talk. During the exchange, you'll all be attacked by rakghouls. When they're defeated, finish the conversation with Canderous and continue exploring westward.

    13 - Outcast Corpse

    On an outcast corpse at this location, you'll come across the "Promised Land Journal" that Rukil was talking about (see #3). You can return it to him now for 175xp or wait until you have all three (he'll give you a quest for two more) before coming back to him.