Crystal Cave
Dantooine - Crystal Cave

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1 - Exit

Exit to Sandral Grounds (#9). Not long after you enter, you'll do battle with the first of many spider-like creatures named kinraths. They can poison, but by now that shouldn't be a problem.

2 - Kinrath Battle

Here you'll deal with more than your share of kinraths, and if you venture too far into the circular area ahead, the Hive Kinrath will join in. These are not difficult battles so you should be well-equipped to deal with anything here.

3 - Crystal Formations

This is where you'll find a series of valuable crystal formations, each holding one of several types of lightsaber upgrades. Among them: a couple of Rubat Crystals, a Bondar Crystal, and several different colored crystals (which could be random) such as Blue and Yellow. When you're through checking the crystal formations, "bash" the Kinrath Pods to amass almost more red crystals than there are lightsabers in the game.