Sand People Enclave
Tatooine - Sand People Enclave

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1 - Exit

Exit to Sand People Territory (#5). When you enter the Enclave for the first time (with Sand People Clothes on), walk forward to trigger the Chieftain encounter. One word of warning. If the Sand People tolerate your presence (meaning if you've entered peacefully), touching one of their wicker bins will annoy them to the point of attacking. Don't touch if you're not looking for a challenging fight through the enclave. You can pick up items from rubble and rags only.

2 - Sand People Chieftain

Possessed of their legendary temper, the Chieftain isn't one for small talk.

  • The Peaceful Solution:

    You've decided to talk with the Chieftain using HK-47. Have HK say you want a peaceful solution. Ask him what he wants, and then say you'll get the Moisture Vaporators for him, and return. That will end the conversation until you return with them in hand. Moisture Vaporators can be purchased from the rodian Greeta Holda at the Czerka Office (#4) for 400 credits (or persuade for half). When you have them, return to the entrance of the enclave, speak with the guard there, tell him you have the moisture vaporators and then you'll be brought back here.

    During this second conversation, return the moisture vaporators and you'll receive the Chieftains Gaffi Stick and a promise to reduce the attacks on the miners. Just what the protocol officer wanted. Now ask the Chieftain about the Star Map. He'll tell you they saw something like that in the Eastern Dune Sea, and provide a map for you. Finally, there are two other possible topics. If you're here to rescue the Jawas from the Sand People - see Iziz at Anchorhead (#10) - and/or Mission's brother Griff - see Jedi Enclave (#2): Mission's Brother Quest for details - then you must ask the Chieftain about both of them in order to set them free. He will consent to both without persuasion.

  • The Violent Solution:

    You've decided it's not worth it to be civil. You've either barged into the enclave by force or first talked to the Chieftain and it went sour. This is a very difficult fight if you're tackling it early in the game. You'll often have a chance to be stunned by the Sand People and will be in very close quarters. Attempt to kill the Chieftain first and fast, and then concentrate on the remaining Sand People. Use everything at your disposal in this fight because you'll likely need it if you're around level 12 or so. When it's over, search the Chieftain's remains for his Gaffi Stick (if you didn't get it already through conversation), an Eastern Dune Sea Map which is required to go there for the Star Map, and more. If you decide to take on the whole enclave before leaving, it's fairly challenging, but you can then search all the wicker bins and find many helpful grenades.

  • If you have the Krayt Dragon Pearl:

    Interestingly enough, if you've already been through the Eastern Dune Sea and received the Krayt Dragon Pearl, you can bring it back and give it to the Chieftain for some sharing of stories; the sand people storyteller can then tell you about the history of the Sand People. If you end up killing the storyteller, you'll get his Raito's Gaderffii stick... a one of a kind (and very decent) melee weapon.

  • 3 - Missing Jawas

    Tell the jawas here that you're here to rescue them, and they'll refer you back to Iziz at Anchorhead (#10) where the quest originated. Return to Iziz for a reward - see above link.

    4 - Mission's Brother Griff

    Mr. Pathetic himself, Griff stands here waiting to be rescued if you've followed the Mission's Brother quest so far. See Jedi Enclave (#2): Mission's Brother Quest for details. If Mission's in your party, they'll talk right here. If not, as soon as you return to the Docking Bay (by rapid transit or by foot), Griff and Mission will talk there. Afterward, Griff will return to the Czerka Office (#5) and can offer you more far-ranging quests there.