Manaan Docking Bay
Manaan - Docking Bay

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1 - Exit

Exit to The Ebon Hawk (#1).

2 - Republic Soldier Encounter

As soon as you enter the main corridor here, you'll see a Republic Soldier and Sith in an altercation. Afterward, you can glean information about Manaan from the soldier, and if you ask about the Star Map, a quest to see one particular person, Roland Wann in the Republic Embassy, East Central (#5).

3 - Merchant & NPC Side Quests

Besides an everyday merchant - only this one looks like a cross between a fish, manta ray and squid - walking past this spot with the appropriate party member (Canderous, Bastila, Mission, Carth or Juhani) triggers their side quest, assuming you've talked to them enough. You can see details for each party member's quest at the first possible trigger point on Dantooine, at the Jedi Enclave (#2) location. Just look for their name.

You may also be approached by a twi'lek named Senni Vek who tells you that you've dropped a datapad. This is the beginning of the Genoharadan Bounty Quests, should you wish to take it from him. See East Central (#13) for complete details.

Finally, you may also be approached, after having completed the Leviathan, by a mysterious twi'lek who tells you about Mika Dorin's premium shop on Korriban. It's location is Dreshdae (#10). See the link for details.

4 - Nubassa, Exotic Species Dealer

If you've been to Anchorhead on Tatooine, then you've received the "Gizka Quest," outlined first at Docking Bay (#3) in Tatooine. If you don't wish to harm the animals - poisoning is the other option - you can bring them here and talk with Nubassa, who will take them off your hands for 100 credits. If you're good with persuasion, you can convince him to give you 100 credits for them. Either way, you'll come away with 500xp as well.

5 - Exit

Exit to West Central (#1). This is the only way into Manaan proper unless you possess a very high security skill and dare to enter though the Sith Base from the private hangar at area #6.

6 - Private Hangar

There are two ways in. The easy way is to speak with Republic Embassy leader Roland Wann at East Central (#5) about the Star Map and he'll give you a number of ways into the Sith Base, this being one of them. He'll hand you a passcard that allows entrance into the hangar. From here you can take the transport inside to the Sith Base. The other way in, whether or not you've spoken with Roland Wann, is to simply have a security skill of 20 or higher, since the DC is 40 on the door.

Be prepared for a moderately challenging fight if you're coming to Manaan early in the game. A grenadier, dark apprentice and a couple of elite troopers await, all spread out. When they're defeated, you can simply activate the transport to take it to the Sith Base (#2).

7 - Exit

Exit to Manaan Sith Base (#2) via this transport. You should speak with Roland Wann in East Central (#5) before using this (if you're interested in backstory and entered the hangar due to your high security skill); he can fill you in on what he's looking for at the Sith Base.

8 - Vek, Genoharadan Encounter

Vek and his droid are only here if you've began the second part of the Genoharadan Bounty Quests in East Central, Manaan. See East Central (#13) under the Ithorak section for complete details.

9 - Ithorak Guldar, Genoharadan Bounty

At first, this area is occupied by two Sith employees on routine business. When you receive the second part of the Genoharadan Bounty Quests, Ithorak will be here. See East Central (#13) under the Ithorak section for complete details. You'll meet with his assistant Vek at area #8 before you meet with Ithorak either way.