Lower City Cantina
Taris - Lower City Cantina

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1 - Exit

Exit to Lower City (#3).

2 - Uriah, Pazaak Merchant

He'll sell you cards for your side deck in the mini-game, Pazaak. The most expensive card in the game is 200 credits, a +/- 1. I'd advise two or three of these in your 10 card side deck if you play often.

3 - Gelrood, Pazaak Shark

You can play Pazaak with him for a max of 40 credits per hand.

4 - Calo Nord Encounter

Your first time in the cantina, you'll get a glimpse of the notorious bounty hunter Calo Nord's badness in a small cut-scene. On his way out, you can speak with him - but make it short.

5 - Holdan, Davik's Man

He's the one you'll speak to if you want to remove Dia's bounty, a quest from the Upper City South Apartments (#5), the same building as your Hideout. You can persuade him to remove the bounty, or less adroitly offer him 200 credits in exchange for Dia's release. If Bastila is with you and you fail to persuade Holdan, she'll use the force to release Dia from the bounty. If she goes free, you'll get (LS Points).

6 - Mission & Zaalbar

If you haven't yet spoken with Gadon Thek, the leader in the Hidden Bek Base (#2) just down the corridor from the cantina, you'll meet these future party members here. Speak with Mission for a bit and you'll receive 60xp. You'll have to wait until Undercity (#6), your next main quest location, to recruit them.

7 - Lynsetta, Twi'lek Dancer Quest

She's looking to become a star and she needs a partner to audition. Your lucky day. To help her, you'll need to dance beside her for three turns and attempt to choose the correct complimentary move each turn. Here's one of the series of combinations that lands her the job:

1st turn: dance "close to her."
2nd turn: dance "close behind her."
3rd turn: dance "close face to face."

When it's all done, you'll receive 250xp.

8 - Zax the Hutt, Bounty Office

Zax is something of a crime celebrity here in Taris. He collects all the bounties for Davik... though he doesn't work for him directly as he'll point out. At any time, you can ask him about the various bounties that are active. For each one, you can collect 300 credits (persuade for 400) and some experience. While some of them are government crime-related contracts, there are some that are simply one man wanting another dead (the evil kind). Here are the bounties you'll be able to collect on, and their rewards:

  • Selven of the Lower City West Apartments (#4). 300 credits and 105xp. No dark side points for killing her, as she's an assassin and will be openly hostile to you with only a little aggravation on your part.

  • Largo of the Upper City North Apartments (#2). 300 credits and 105xp.

  • Matrik of the Lower City East Apartments (#5). 300 credits and 55xp.

  • Dia of the Upper City South Apartments (#5). 300 credits and 105xp

  • Bendak Starkiller of the Upper City Cantina (#2). 300 credits and 105xp.

  • You can also deliver the Rakghoul Serum you receive in the Undercity (#8) for 1000 credits (persuade for more) and (DS Points). Remember, you can also deliver it to Zelka in Upper City South (#6) for multiple light side points but little or no credits.

    9 - Canderous Ordo

    After you pick up the swoop accelerator and win the big Swoop Race, upon exiting your Hideout you'll be greeted by a messenger that says to meet Canderous here in this spot. The first meeting, he gives you a quest to raid the Sith Base (#12) and find the planetary launch codes; he's got a plan to get you all off of Taris, and it's impossible to refuse his offer. First though, you'll need to go to Upper City North (#4) to Janice's Droid Shop and pick up the T3-M4 droid. Tell her Canderous sent you. Then head to the Sith Base.

    After you get the launch codes from the Sith Base and you've completed all the side quests you want, come back and Canderous Ordo will become a new party member! Only talk to him when you're ready to leave Taris proper. Ordo will be taking you to crime lord Davik's Estate (#1) in a plan to take Davik's "Ebon Hawk" spaceship... the fastest hunk o' junk in the outer rim.