Strength (Str): Represents physical power. A high Strength adds modifiers to melee damage and chance to hit, which is important for characters who use close-combat weapons (vibroblades, lightsabers).

Dexterity (Dex): Represents agility and reflexes. A high Dexterity adds modifiers to ranged attack rolls (blasters) and increases a character's Defense rating, making them harder to hit.

Constitution (Con): Represents health and resiliency. A high Constitution adds modifiers to the vitality points gained at each level up. This is important for all characters and classes, but essential for soldiers and Jedi guardians.

Wisdom (Wis): Represents willpower and perception. A high Wisdom adds modifiers to Jedi Force points and Force power saving throws. The Force powers of a Jedi with high Wisdom are also much harder to resist.

Intelligence (Int): Represents knowledge and reasoning. A high Intelligence adds modifiers to the number of points a character has to spend on essential skills.

Charisma (Cha): Represents personality and the ability to lead. A high Charisma adds modifiers to Force-related feats and powers that are very important to all the Jedi classes. It is also central to any persuasive talker.