Temple Catacombs
Unknown World - Temple Catacombs

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1 - Exit

Exit to Temple Main Floor (#15). Your goal here is to make it to area #5 and use the computer to gain access to the Temple Summit.

2 - Guard Droids

A pair of droids will attack as soon as you enter the catacombs, and they shouldn't pose much difficulty for your party.

3 - Hub of Activity

To your left looking into the room, will be two deadly frag mines guarding the rune-covered pillar holding a saber-worthy Sapith Crystal. You'll need an awareness of 20 or greater to recognize the mines. To your right will be a footlocker containing a datapad, useful for solving the puzzle at area #4. Its pertinent information is this: "walk the tiles in the pattern of an 'H'."

4 - Square Tiles Puzzle

When you enter the room, set one of your party to solo mode using the back button. Looking into the room, you'll see a giant nine tile pattern, and one tile "below" the pattern nearest the room entrance. This is the "reset" tile. Step on it anytime to reset the puzzle.

The easiest explanation is to literally walk the tiles in the pattern of the letter "H," with the up and down directions being toward the back and the entrance the room respectively. First you'll walk the complete right side of the "H" (though it makes no difference which side you start), then back down to the center, then left two tiles, then down to the left-side bottom of the "H," and then back up to the left-side top of the "H." Do not count the "reset" tile as part of the letter "H." You can only hit each tile once. If you've accidently touched one twice, you must reset. Since the PC version controls a little bit differently than the Xbox version and the instructions before were mainly for the console, I've updated them significantly. Now, whether you play PC or Xbox you should be able to walk it just fine. Here are the exact instructions:

1. The tile closest to the entrance to the room is the "reset tile." Step onto the reset tile to begin the puzzle since you'll be walking straight up the right side. You will not use the reset tile again unless you slip up.

2. Walk all the way up the right-side of the "H" in a straight line and do not stop. Walk straight off the puzzle toward the back of the room and let go of the controls once you are no longer touching the puzzle.

3. Walk around the puzzle to its right side, careful not to touch any part of it now, and stop when you are facing the middle tile of this side. Now walk straight across along this middle row toward the left side and do not stop. Walk completely off the puzzle and let go when you are safely off.

4. Now walk around the puzzle to place yourself below the left-side bottom tile, and stop when you are facing upward toward the top of the left side. Walk straight up the left side. When you touch the left-side top tile, the door will open. If by chance it should not, then most likely you touched a tile twice by accident. Head back to the reset tile and follow carefully.

Return to party mode and enter the room at area #5.

Another easy solution is the telephone analogy. The numbers 1, 2, and 3 are across the top tiles near the back of the room, from left to right. Below those, are 4, 5 and 6, across the middle row of the nine tile pattern. The bottom row contains 7, 8 and 9. You should walk the tiles in this order: 9, 6, 3, 6, 5, 4, 7, 4, 1. And the door should open. Remember, you may only touch each tile in the instructions once.

5 - Rakata Computer

You can use this computer for a couple of useful functions. One is to complete the Elder Researcher Ll'awa's quest from the Elder Settlement (#3). If you have the quest, ask the computer about genetic data concerning the Rakata. It will then spit out a datapad for you to give back to Ll'awa, which will have to be done before you leave Unknown World. After you're finished with the terminal, you'll get 500xp for the quest.

The main reason you'll use the computer is to open the doors to the upper levels of the Temple. Ask the computer about the disruptor field and how to disable it, and then how to gain access to the upper levels. It will unlock the massive door at Temple Main Floor (#2) so that you can proceed. You can now journey back to the main floor and use the exit at Temple Main Floor (#16) to get to the Temple Summit, your goal here on the Unknown World.