Elder Settlement
Unknown World - Elder Settlement

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1 - Exit

Exit to South Beach (#6). Your goal here is to either leave peacefully with a mission from the Elder Councilors, or to attack them and retrieve the ancient tome for the Rakatan Settlement from Keeper Orsaa at area #4. Be sure and check all the wicker bins and containers in the settlement regardless, as there are numerous helpful hyper-stims and other items to be found.

2 - Elder Council

Your first time here, you'll be brought as Revan to see these three councilors. One of them will ask you about yourself and why you come back after so long. If you think you'll want to ally with the Elders (the Light Side approach), persuade them that you've changed, and ask that they judge you by your actions. The councilor will then offer you a quest to prove you've indeed changed. He'll want you to rescue a prisoner from the Rakatan Settlement (#6). To do that, you'll most likely have to kill The One, as he isn't very reasonable. After you've spoken with the councilor, you'll get 1000xp and sent on your way. Feel free now to explore the settlement for a quest and some xp.

  • If you've come with hostile intentions:

    While speaking with the councilor, choose the most hostile dialogue options and you'll have the whole settlement against you. The councilors can be tough, so use extreme caution. If you do manage to make the whole settlement mad, you'll want to venture to area #4 to find Keeper Orsaa, attack him and retrieve his "ancient tome" for The One back at the Rakatan Settlement (#1), for entrance into the Ancient Temple. Of course, if you've already been hostile to The One and the Rakatan Settlement, you may not have the same option with the Elder Settlement and be forced by necessity to be peaceful.

  • After rescuing the prisoner in the Rakatan Settlement:

    Come back to the Elder Council here and after some deliberation, they'll agree to help you enter the ancient temple. Your job now is to meet them at Temple Exterior (#5) for the entrance ritual. You must during this conversation agree to go alone.

  • 3 - Researcher Ll'awa

    Talk to Ll'awa for a quest. If you ask him about his research, he'll tell you that he needs old genetic data from the Temple in order to piece together the puzzle of their races' lost force sensitivity. You'll find this data at the Temple Catacombs (#5) Rakata Computer. When you return with the datapad, you'll receive 1000xp for a reward.

  • If you're hostile to the Elder Settlement:

    You'll notice three Rakata Warriors in cages in this room. They'll ask to be released. If you kill researcher Ll'awa, take his "cage key" and open the cages, they'll promise to tell The One, who should reward you. However, if you first get the "ancient tome" from Keeper Orsaa at area #4, The One will not offer you any dialogue regarding the prisoners' release.

  • 4 - Keeper Orsaa, Elder Loremaster

    If you ask the Keeper about Rakata History, and go through the various topics, you'll receive 500xp. Other than that, if you're hostile to the Elder Settlement, this is the one you'll want to kill for the "ancient tome" that The One seeks back at Rakatan Settlement (#1), and represents your only chance to enter the ancient temple.

    5 - Rakatan Computer

    Access this computer and a research hologram will appear. Persuade the hologram that you know its language and it will allow you to ask it anything regarding the Star Forge, the Rakata people, and the Temple. Other than holding a lot of info, you'll get no xp for learning. Be sure though, to search all the wicker bins and containers in this room as they'll contain many a helpful hyper-stim and other items.