East Central
Manaan - East Central

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1 - Exit

Exit to West Central (#5).

2 - Exit

Exit to Ahto East (#1). You'll find Swoop Racing, a Droid Merchant and the Sith Base in Ahto East.

3 - Shady Rodian, Pazaak Merchant

If you press him with questions, he'll open up and sell you Pazaak side-deck cards. He's got a pretty wide selection, but not as fine as the bartender in the Anchorhead Cantina on Tatooine.

4 - Tyvark's Shop

Tyvark's a general merchant who, like many others around the galaxy, has a few expensive items for sale. If you've acquitted Sunry during his murder trial - see Ahto West (#2) for details - you'll receive discounted prices here.

5 - Roland Wann, Embassy Leader

This is the man you'll want to talk to in order to find the Star Map. He'll first have you do an errand for him in exchange for information about the Star Map. You'll need to invade the Sith Base, find a specific droid at Sith Base (#5), recover its data module regarding under water operations, and bring it back to him for further instructions.

To enter the Sith Base, Roland will give you three choices. You can interrogate a sith prisoner held captive at the embassy, in area #7; slice into Sith passcards in the Embassy computer room in area #6; or break into the private hangar in the Docking Bay (#6) with the passcard he gives you and take the transport there directly to the Sith Base (#2) alternate entrance. Breaking into the hangar is your best bet for experience, though you can certainly do them all. The interrogation will not give you any experience, but I'll provide the answers below.

  • Decrypting the Sith Base Passcards:

    To enter the Sith Base with a newly sliced passcard, enter the computer room at area #6. You'll be greeted by the techy there who will give you a rundown on how to decrypt them. They're fairly simple sequence puzzles, and to get it started, use the computer terminal on the right side of the room. Here are the answers:

    Sequence 1, addition progression: 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 16... ?
    The answer is 22.

    Sequence 2, subtractive progression: 21, 18, 16, 15, 15, 16... ?
    The answer is 18.

    Sequence 3, multiplication progression: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32... ?
    The answer is 64. Each number multiplies by 2.

    Sequence 4, division progression: 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4... ?
    The answer is 2. Each number divides by 2.

    Sequence 5, exponential progression: 32, 81, 64, 25... ?
    The answer is 6. 2 to the 5th, 3 to the 4th, 4 to the 3rd, 5 to the 2nd, and 6 to the 1st power.

    Sequence 6, logarithmic progression: 1 0 - 8 3 - 32 5 - 128 ... ?
    The answer is 7. 2 to the 0 power is 1, 2 to the 3rd is 8, 2 to the 5th is 32, and 2 to the 7th is 128.

    When you've sliced through all sequences, out pops a new passcard (and 300xp) that you can use to enter the Ahto East (#4) entrance to the Sith Base. Of course, you may still enter the base via the transport in the private hanger, described below; it's up to you.

  • Interrogating the Prisoner for the Sith Base Passcode:

    To enter the Sith Base after by interrogation, you'll need to convince the prisoner at area #7 to talk. You can do this essentially by choosing the same options one or two times until he spills the beans. You'll be talking to the Intelligence Officer to begin the interrogation. Here is the general sequence you'll use to break the prisoner.

    1. Choose the "Relax, I'm not here to threaten you" option.
    2. Choose "We're the only ones that will take you in now."
    3. Choose "Let's try something else."
    4. Choose "We know something about your companion."
    5. Choose "Perhaps we would give you back to the Sith, but keep him."
    6. If it fails by this time, try the same course of action another time, using the "Maybe we should do something about Tela" line as a substitute for #4, followed by, "We could make life easy for both of you in the Republic." If that fails, retry #1 through #6 in order until it works. It should work by the third time. You'll get no exp but will get the passcode needed to enter the Sith Base at Ahto East (#4).

  • Entering the Sith Base via the Private Hangar:

    Take the passcard Roland gives you to the private hanger entrance in Docking Bay (#6). Use it on the door and you'll be met with an aggressive welcoming party: a dark apprentice, grenadier, and some sith elite troopers. When they're taken care of, take the transport there to the Sith Base (#2) alternate entrance.

  • After you've retrieved the data module from the Sith Base:

    After testifying in High Court on your exit from the base, and either showing the datapad from Sith Base (#18) or telling the court you were there on a Diplomatic mission for the Republic and double-crossed by the Sith, bring the data module back to Roland and receive 600xp for the hard work. He'll then let you in on what's really going on for the Republic in Manaan, a secret underwater Kolto mining station. The reason they've been recruiting so many mercs is because something has gone wrong down there, and each party of mercenaries they send down simply doesn't come back up. He wants you to investigate and bring back information.

  • After you've been through Hrakert Rift:

    When coming back from Hrakert Rift (and most likely with the Star Map coordinates in hand), you'll meet with Roland Wann as you come into the Republic Embassy from area #12, the Sub Bay. Let him know what happened with the station, whether it's still there or if it had to be destroyed, and you'll get 500 credits, 900xp and a Cardio Power System. When you exit the Republic Embassy after this, you'll be greeted by Selkath who will again take you to appear before the High Court and explain your actions. Just tell the truth because they'll find out regardless. If you ended up poisoning the giant firaxa, you'll be booted off Manaan, and if you destroyed Hrakert Station, you'll be congratulated and set free.

  • 6 - The Computer Room

    Other than decrypting the passcards for entrance into the Sith Base (see #5: Decrypting the Sith Base Passcards above), you're only other (likely viable) option here is during Sunry's Murder Trial.... but if you have 100 spikes, you can open the Sub Bay doors too. During Sunry's trial, you can download the data recording, showing that Sunry murdered the Sith woman for 300xp. See Ahto West (#2) part F for details on this part of the case.

    7 - The Sith Prisoner

    You've obviously spoken with Roland Wann if you're here, and probably realize that this is one way into the Sith Base. You can interrogate the prisoner by talking with the Intelligence Officer near the pod. See #5: Interrogating the Prisoner for the Sith Base Passcode above for exact details.

    8 - Ignus, Hotel Manager, Witness

    If you've picked up Sunry's Murder Trial quest in Ahto West (#2), Ignus will be the first one here you'll probably question about the incident. He can be persuaded to say that the shot was fired after Sunry left for 500xp. See part C at the above link for details.

    9 - Firith Me, Witness

    If you've picked up Sunry's Murder Trial quest in Ahto West (#2), this room will be open and you'll be able to question Firith about the incident. He can be persuaded to mention that the Sith woman was probably a Dark Jedi because of her lightsaber for 500xp. See part D at the above link for details.

    10 - Gluupor, Witness

    If you've picked up Sunry's Murder Trial quest in Ahto West (#2), Gluupor can be persuaded to admit he planted Sunry's medal in the room for 500xp. See part E at the above link for details.

    11 - Mysterious Man Encounter

    He'll only show up if you're investigating the Sunry Murder Trial quest you received at Ahto West (#2), and after you've spoken with the witness(es) in the hotel. Essentially he says to keep an open mind about the trial, and to check both the Republic and Sith Embassies for more evidence. See part F at the above link for details.

    12 - Exit

    Exit to Hrakert Station (#1) via activating the submersible. You'll only have access to this room after invading the Sith Base and retrieving the data from the droid for Roland Wann. See #5 above for details.

    13 - Hulas & the Genoharadan Quests

    To begin these quests, you must have already killed Calo Nord and walked around one of the trigger points that made a Twi'lek named Senni Vek approach you. On Tatooine, after killing Calo Nord, Senni will approach you if you walk around Anchorhead (#12). On Kashyyyk, after Calo, Senni will approach you when walking through the point at The Great Walkway (#3) - see the above links for details. When you receive the datapad from Senni, it mentions to come to Manaan, seek Hulas and make sure you're alone. The only way he'll talk to you is if you have no other party members. Go to the party screen and remove them before speaking.

    Hulas gives you a grand total of five bounties and each of them have a fairly powerful reward, but you'll be accumulating (DS Points) for each one. He'll start by giving you two possible bounties. One is Lorgal at area #14 this map. Another is Zuulan Sentar on Dantooine. To open up the final three bounties, you'll need to kill either of these first two, or both if you prefer. Afterward, the real initiation into the guild will commence. He'll follow the first two up with three more. One is on Tatooine, another on Kashyyyk and the other here on Manaan. Here, in order of appearance, are complete details about every bounty:

  • Lorgal, found in East Central, Manaan:

    Lorgal's exact location is here at East Central #14, in the Republic Embassy. The pod was empty before, but once you get this quest, Lorgal now fills it. Killing Lorgal is a simple matter of activating the control terminal to the right of his pod and reprogramming it to kill the prisoner. For this, you'll get 170xp and (DS Points). You can go back to Hulas on your way out of East Central and collect the bounty if you wish, which is 500xp and a Genoharadan Poison Blade, a very nice melee weapon. Hulas can now open up the remaining three bounties if you wish, and you can still complete Zuulan's below at any time.

  • Zuulan Sentar, found at Matale Grounds, Dantooine:

    Zuulan's exact location is on Dantooine, at Matale Grounds (#8). When you go there, you'll see Zuulan's land speeder. Activate it, and you'll have two options. You can sound the alarm, or set a frag mine inside. If you choose the mine, Zuulan and droids will come around the bend, and blow up, giving you the (DS Points) you deserved obviously. If you choose to sound the alarm, again Zuulan will come to see what the matter is and initiate conversation. You have another chance to let him go, by offering his life in return for 200 credits, and therefore not receiving the bounty from Hulas. Or, you can attack him. See Hulas when the task is done to receive 500xp and a zippy new Genoharadan Blaster. After this, Hulas will now open up the remaining three bounties for your "initiation into the guild."

  • Vorn Daasraad, found in Sand People Territory, Tatooine:

    Daasraad's exact location is on Tatooine, in Sand People Territory (#6). When you approach the area, you'll see a couple of speeders and a droid. His assault droid will begin attacking you if you venture too close, so you'll want to kill it first. Vorn will be absent. When you're through battering the droid, you'll have a couple of options. One is to reprogram the droid to seek out and attack Vorn. If you choose this option, your party will follow the droid to Vorn, and both the droid and your party will attack him. You'll get at least 340xp, plus the 600xp and (DS Points) for killing Vorn. The other option is to activate his swoop bike, plant a frag mine and wait for Vorn. He'll come up over the hill, discover your surprise before it blows his head off, re-reprogram the droid, and both will attack your party. When they're dead, you'll get the Dark Side points. Return to Hulas when you're done here, and receive 1000xp and a Genoharadan Stealth Unit.

  • Rulan Prolik, found in Upper Shadowlands, Kashyyyk:

    Rulan's exact location is on Kashyyyk, in Upper Shadowlands (#11). First go there to area #10, and find the "Wookiee corpse" - which will only be there if you have this quest. On the corpse is a datapad that explains about Grarwwaar's death. Lo and behold, at area #11 you'll see Grarwwaar and his campfire. Approach him, and confront him about this discrepancy, and it will turn out to be Rulan the shapeshifter. He'll then switch to Jolee and attack. As you whittle him down, he'll change from Jolee to a monster, and then finally run off as a Tach after you've "defeated him." As a Tach, he'll run to area #12 of the same map. Go there and initiate dialogue with the various Tach in that spot, and then attack. One of them will be Rulan the shapeshifter. When he's dead, you'll get 600xp, the obligatory (DS Points) and can return to Hulas in Manaan. His reward is 1000xp and a Genoharadan Visor.

  • Ithorak Guldar, found at the Docking Bay, Manaan:

    Ithorak's exact location is in the Docking Bay (#9) here in Manaan. However, he won't be there without first seeing Vek in at the swoop pavilion at Ahto East (#8). When you see Vek, tell him you want to arrange a meeting with Ithorak and that you represent an anonymous buyer, and he'll set one up at the Docking Bay. Now proceed to Docking Bay (#8) where Vek will be waiting to accompany you to Ithorak. There are a couple of options here. Exhaust the small bit of dialogue with Vek and ask about his feelings toward Ithorak. You can then persuade him to not go in with you for 500 credits. He'll leave and his droid will be left standing there. You can then reprogram the droid to go in the Sith Hangar at #9 that map and attack Ithorak for at least 340xp, or you can simply go on in. For the most experience, allow Vek and droid to accompany you inside to see Ithorak, and initiate conversation. It doesn't matter what you tell him; he'll figure out that you're an assassin and attack your party. Whichever way you decide to deal with Ithorak, when he's dead you'll get (DS Points). Seek out Hulas now for 1000xp and Genoharadan Power Gloves, and, if this is your last bounty, a striking revelation from Hulas.

  • After Completing Vorn's, Rulan's and Ithorak's Bounties:

    Hulas will confess that you were duped into killing all the overseers of the Genoharadan so that he could take over the guild himself! If you wish, you can then tell him he won't get away with it, and he'll challenge you to a duel on Tatooine. "Come alone," or not at all, he says again... but what do his words mean to you now? He'll then run off and await you in the Dune Sea (#2) location on Tatooine. Only, he'll not be alone as was his end of the bargain. You may come alone, but you may actually bring your companions as well, since he's already playing dirty. By this time in the game, you're most likely at least level 16 and have some very useful force powers to help with the battle. Prepare with stimulants because you'll be fighting many Genoharadan. If you can stun Hulas first, go after him. If not, dispose of his underlings first and then go after him. Hulas himself is worth 750xp for killing, and some of the others are worth decent xp as well, such as J'ane Khan at his side. Hulas and her are the tough ones. On Hulas' remains, you'll find Genoharadan Mesh Armor and 500 credits. On J'ane's remains, you'll snatch another (if you've collected on Lorgal) fine Genoharadan Poison Blade. Search the blaster-happy rodian's remains on the northeast part of the battle for a Genoharadan Blaster. And that concludes the Genoharadan quests.

  • 14 - Lorgal, Genoharadan Bounty

    He's only here if you've begun the Genoharadan Bounty Quests from Hulas in this same area. See #13 under the Lorgal section for complete details.