Tomb of Naga Sadow
Korriban - Tomb of Naga Sadow

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1 - Exit

Exit to Valley of the Dark Lords (#10). You'll begin your final test right inside the exit. The door will be closed until you finish your test and get the Star Map.

Your goal when you enter will be telling Uthar that you've understood what he's said, and then that you're ready to begin. Your journal will update and you'll let go. Though your ultimate goal here is to retrieve the Sith Lightsaber (and Star Map) in area #9, you'll need to be able to pass the acid pool at area #8 first. The solution is on the east side. The west side holds a powerful melee item if you're interested, and I'll detail that after.

2 - Three Wraids

One Hulak Wraid, the tougher variety and a couple of normal ones. They're susceptible to force powers but can hit for moderate to high damage. You'll find three more wraids at the area before #7, and before #9 as well.

3 - Skeletal Human Remains

Search the remains here for a datapad explaining a little about the acid pool puzzle at area #8 and what's inside the room. Be prepared and healthy when you enter the next room, as the fight can be tough, or easy depending on what kind of force powers you have.

4 - Tarentateks, Lever & Crystal

Your first objective should be to get rid of the two guardian tarentateks at the far side of the room. These will likely give at least a few people a very challenging encounter, so here are some tips. They hit for a great deal of damage so your best bet is to incapacitate them in some way with judicial use of your force powers, which they tend to have a low resistance for. Toss a couple of grenades first if you're unsure of yourself in battle. You might also slowly walk up the left side wall until the first big-T recognizes you and then move back to fight him separately; taking them one at a time is easier should you lack adequate force powers at this time. Additionally, you might also consider picking up Naga Sadow's Poison Blade at area #7 first and then hitting one of them until it's poisoned, and work from there. The easiest way, though fairly cheap, is to make them chase you around the room, flip the lever and go into the next room where you can safely pick them off at a distance. Your choice of course. When they're dead, you can head to the lever near the back of the room which opens the door to area #5, but first check the Skeletal Human Remains near the middle of the west wall for one of the most powerful lightsaber crystals in the game, the Solari Crystal. This will be your only chance to get one.

Also on the skeletal remains is "Shaela's Journal," part of an ongoing story between the planets of three explorers and their relationships. The other two companion journals are in the Shyrack Caves (#4), and on Kashyyyk, in Lower Shadowlands (#8). The journal in the Shyrack Caves belongs to Duron, and the one in Kashyyyk belongs to Guun Han. Together, they make this trio of a story. Add to this the prologue you'll receive from a Jedi guarding the Enclave on Dantooine near the Ebon Hawk, and you'll get the full picture.

When you're finished here, flip the lever that controls the door lock to area #5 and enter.

5 - Pillars of Ice & Fire

There are two pillars in the room, each containing a special grenade, one made of fire and the other of ice. You may pick up both but only the "special cold grenade" is the important one. With these in your possession, you're now able to cross the acid pool at area #8, but you might want to get the powerful sword at area #7 before finishing with this test. That'll require another puzzle. Fortunately, the solution is right here.

6 - Computer Terminal & Energy Pillar Puzzle

As soon as you enter this area, the doors will close and you'll have no choice but to follow through with the puzzle, similar to the well known and ancient "Towers of Hanoi" puzzle. Use the terminal and it will spit a lot of directions to you. There are four pillars to your left and your goal will be to transfer all the energy rings to the far right pillar. There are of course rules, and the machine will explain them to you. When you successfully transfer all the pieces, you can enter area #7. Here is the quickest solution (that I know of):

1. Move a system from the Left pillar --> to the Middle pillar.
2. Left --> to Right
3. Middle --> to Right
4. Left --> to Middle
5. Right --> to Left
6. Right --> to Middle
7. Left --> to Middle
8. Left --> to Right
9. Middle --> to Right
10. Middle --> to Left
11. Right --> to Left
12. Middle --> to Right
13. Left --> to Middle
14. Left --> to Right
15. Middle --> to Right

When they're in place on the far right pillar, open the door and continue through. Beware of a few wraids (as explained at area #2) as well as a mine ahead.

7 - Monument to Naga Sadow

Search inside the monument for the excellent Naga Sadow's Poison Blade. Also search the skeletal human remains on the ground for some useful though average items. If you haven't yet done so, continue to area #8 and the acid pool.

8 - Acid Pool

When you arrive at the Acid Pool, a dialogue screen will come up and ask what you'd like to do. If you have both grenades from area #5 (required), select to launch the special cold grenade into the acid. When that happens, the ground will freeze over and you can safely walk through the area. Of course, if you launch the fire grenade, you should expect the worst. Continue to area #9 but beware of a few wraids, as explained at area #2.

9 - Korriban Star Map & Sith Lightsaber

When you've arrived here, the Star Map will open and you'll receive a gargantuan 250xp. Search the Sith Statue behind the Star Map for a Sith Lightsaber. Now is the time to heal up and take yourself to area 10, back to the Acid Pool for the final encounter, where Uthar and Yuthura await.

10 - Uthar & Yuthura

Depending on what you did back at the Sith Academy as far as the double-crossing and poisoning went, you'll have a few different options and scenarios here. It boils down to this. You can fight Uthar and Yuthara separately, or you can fight them both at the same time. There is one other slight variation. If you side with Yuthura and fight Uthar first, you'll have the chance to let Yuthura go (after she surrenders) for (LS Points); this is the only way to keep the Sith Academy peaceful toward you on your way back unless you've already been to the Leviathan and side with Uthar, in which case you can tell him what you found out there.... The option for the most xp and fortune is to fight them both, as you can search their remains afterward for a lot of items and credits. Uthar can be very challenging, so it's best if you strike first, and strike hard with force powers.

When you first talk to Uthar during this last conversation, it will come down to a choice you need to make. Here are the scenarios:

  • "I'm with you, Uthar"

    You've decided to side with Uthar. Other than the (DS Points) you'll get, you'll first have to strike down Yuthura, and then deal with Uthar alone. Depending on how you played the Yuthura double-cross earlier, if you decided to poison Yuthura instead, Uthar will give you an option (or two) to part on peaceful terms. If you crossed him, he'll attack you afterward and you'll get 840xp plus what's left on their remains after the battle, explained at the end. If you leave on peaceful terms, both he and everyone at the academy when you enter it again will of course not attack you.

  • "I'm with you, Yuthura"

    You're playing it straight but still siding with a Sith. First, you'll both attack Uthar. After he's dead, Yuthura will not allow you to leave without a fight. When she's low on energy, she'll surrender, and allow you one final chance for dialogue. If you allow her to leave, you'll get (LS Points) but will not get to have the spoils of war. The Sith Academy will also allow you safe passage through on your way back. If you allow her to go while persuading her to reconsider her Sith ways, you'll get (LS Points) and the academy will be hostile to you on your way back through it. As a bonus to changing her toward Light, though, if you're able to return to Dantooine afterward, you can find Yuthura outside the Jedi Enclave on the north side of the Courtyard! However, if you stay and attack, you'll get (DS Points) but can pick the booty off her body. Your choice.

  • "I choose... me"

    Brave soul. You've decided to fight them both but fortunately, one of them if not both have been poisoned and will be significantly weaker depending on how you played it back at the Academy. For this option, you'll have a difficult battle if you don't strike first with your force powers. Your first option should be an offensive or incapacitating one. You can of course throw on Force Resistance or Immunity as they'll be doing the same, but that first moment, they'll be vulnerable. In the Xbox version, once they're gone, you'll receive 840xp, should receive (LS Points) assuming you didn't choose any Dark Side conversation topics, and are then able to search both their bodies.

    In the PC Version, you'll receive (DS Points) so note the distinction.

  • "You're both scum..."

    You should receive (LS Points) after this rebuke, at which point you'll have to defend yourself.

  • Whichever way you chose, you'll probably be rummaging through their corpses. Uthar's has 3000 credits, a Security Domination Interface, and a Cinnagar War Suit. Yuthura's got 1500 credits on her remains, plus some average items. After you're finished, be sure not to forget picking up the Solari Crystal at area #4 if you haven't yet, or Naga Sadow's Poison Blade at area #7 if you haven't done that. Exit through area #1 of course.

    When you get back to the Sith Academy, the whole place will be hostile toward your party unless you've allowed Yuthura to go free or sided with Uthar, convincing him that you're something special. The area where you enter, Sith Academy (#13), will be teeming with Sith Teachers and Apprentices. One of your party members will be there with you, and another will be left where Uthar used to sit, in the center room at area #8 of the Academy. It can be difficult if they're hostile so be ready.

    Congratulations. If you've followed the walkthrough, you've now received your fifth and final Star Map, and are ready to conquer the Unknown! Simply access your Galaxy Map in the Ebon Hawk and you'll see a new option. If you haven't, congratulations are still in order for making it this far.