Sith Academy
Korriban - Sith Academy

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1 - Your Quarters

After entering the academy and talking with Uthar, you'll regain control of yourself here in your quarters at the Sith Academy, and earn 1000xp. You can check the footlocker here and others like it in various student quarters for some average but handy items.

2 - Yuthura Ban, 2nd in Charge

As you pass Yuthura the first time, she'll initiate conversation and tell you of her plan to take over Uthar's place by poisoning him before the final fight. You'll have no choice but to take on the quest, but what you do after that (if anything) is up to you. There are several options, explained below, but first things first; Yuthura is a well of information.

In order to beat the other students and take your final test, you'll need to gain prestige with Uthar, who's at area #8. It's kind of a point system where the more things you can do to impress Uthar, the higher you climb on the student totem pole until you reach the top. Ask Yuthura about all the ways she knows to gain prestige. She'll tell you about Lashowe, the female sith student at area #4, and of other ways such as the renegade students in the Shyrack Caves out in the Valley of the Dark Lords, your next destination. You can also question her about the Sith Code. This is an easy way to first gain some prestige with Uthar, not to mention a lot of xp from Yuthura for learning. You'll find the answers detailed at #8.

Finally, if you're playing a male PC, you can ask her about herself several times and hint of a budding romance between the both of you. You can do this as a female as well, but you won't have the flirtatious lines. The Sith Code is an easy way to first gain some prestige with Uthar, not to mention a lot of xp from Yuthura for learning. If you talk to Yuthura about everything, you can earn well over 1000xp.

Here are the options for continuing the double-cross quest that Yuthura told you about:

  • Telling Uthar about Yuthura's Plan

    Though Yuthura warns you against it, you can immediately gain a small amount of prestige and xp by telling Uthar of Yuthura's plan. Uthar will then counter cross Yuthura by giving you a datapad you'll need to take up to area #13 to give to Adrenas who will poison Yuthura, perhaps making an end confrontation against Yuthura easier. You can now choose to continue this double-cross or leave it alone. You won't gain Dark Side points either way.

  • Returning to Yuthura after you've told Uthar:

    Either before or after taking the datapad Uthar gives you to Adrenas, you can come back to Yuthura and tell her about Uthar's plan, and she'll ask you how you found out. You can simply tell her the truth that you told Uthar, and though she'll get feisty and admire you for playing both sides of the fence, nothing will happen. Or, you can lie to her. Either way, she'll once again counter Uthar by giving you a vial of poison to place in his bed at area #10, netting you 500xp. She'll also give you a passcard to his room (which you could have opened with a high security skill). This is as far as the con goes. You cannot re-tell Uthar of Yuthura's second double-cross even though you may want to. But in the end, you'll have gained a lot of xp and have a significantly easier battle at the end of your final trial, all the while gaining no Dark Side points.

    3 - Kel Algwinn, Student

    While talking with Kel Algwinn, you can persuade him to tell you about his true feelings. If you urge him to seek the Jedi and turn away from the Sith, you'll get (LS Points) and 350xp. As a slight continuity bonus, if you're able to return to the Jedi Enclave after this, you'll find him in the training room!

    4 - Lashowe, Holocron Quest

    If you've spoken with Yuthura enough to ask her about prestige opportunities, you'll have heard about a possible quest with Lashowe here. She's looking for an ancient holocron and you'll have the chance in conversation to offer your help. At first she'll be suspicious, and need a reason. If you're a male, you'll get the option to persuade that it's because you'd be working with a beautiful woman. Should she accept your proposal, she'll meet you at the Valley of the Dark Lords (#7) location when you're ready. If you decide against the "because you're beautiful" option, or you're female, you'll need to convince her further by giving her a lead about another prestige opportunity. There are many here in the Sith Academy. Uthar can give you hints, Yuthura or any of the Sith Teachers at area #13. You can tell her about any prestige opportunity truthfully, or simply make one up using the lie option. She should be convinced, and when she accepts, she'll tell you she will be waiting at Valley of the Dark Lords (#7).

    One other word of mild warning. If you didn't take the quest, she'll be waiting when you return for the Star Map, and she'll be aggressive. On her remains will be a Firkrann Crystal.

    5 - Shaardan, Student

    He won't have much to say, but you have a good chance of meeting him later in one of the tombs out in the Valley.

    6 - Mekel

    You can persuade Mekel to give you a hint at what his prestige opportunity is, but it's really not anything that you won't discover yourself should you explore the tombs. Other than that, you might be seeing him later in one of them.

    7 - Dustil, Onasi's Son

    Dustil will only be here if you've a) talked to Carth enough to hear about his son, and b) if you've triggered this side quest earlier in the game. See Jedi Enclave (#2): "Carth's Son Side Quest" for the details. Dustil and his father will have a somewhat heated reunion at first. You can calm Dustil down by telling him that Carth is just trying to protect him. After that, the conversation will take its own path, and Dustil will end up needing to be convinced that the Sith are evil in order to re-establish the bond with his father. Ask him how you can prove it and that will conclude the reunion.

    The evidence you need is in Uthar's room in area #10. You can either pick the lock with a security of 14+ (vs DC 34), or you can get a passcard from Yuthura via the double-double cross quest. If you first tell Uthar about her plan to poison him, you can go back to Yuthura and tell her his own plan to poison her. She'll give you a passcard into his room (see #2). Inside the room will be a footlocker on the left containing a very convincing datapad of Uthars regarding Dustil. Take this back to Dustil for 250xp and he'll be convinced of the Sith's malice. He'll run off promising to meet Carth again on Telos. Though he hints at staying here to help your party, you won't see him again. Thus concludes Carth's side quest.

    As an aside, you can gain a little experience when looking for the evidence by slicing into the datafiles of the computer panel at area #12 and finding out a little about a certain "Selene" inhibiting Dustil's potential. All this will give you is xp.

    8 - Uthar & Prestige

    Your first taste of the Academy will be with Uthar and the students at your initiation, before you arrive at your quarters. After that, you'll have two reasons to visit Uthar. One is to tell him of Yuthura's plan to poison him. This will give you 610xp, some prestige and a datapad to give to Adrenas at area #13 so that he can poison Yuthura. See #2 for complete details on this double-cross opportunity.

    Your other reasons for visiting him include reciting the Sith Code for prestige and reporting other completed prestige quests. There are several ways to gain prestige with Uthar and you only need to complete around half of them in order to win against the other students, but you are free to do them all. Only one of them requires gaining Dark Side points and several have Light Side opportunities, and I'll point those out below. After the completion of any one, you may speak with Uthar about it, and he'll either say that you need more, or tell you that you're ready for the final test. It is recommended that you do as many as you can first for the xp and items, and then when you feel you've done enough, come back to Uthar to report them in any order you wish. Most likely by then, you'll have at least one or two that won't be needed. Here are all the possible prestige opportunities:

  • The Sith Code: Location: Sith Academy #8

    You may learn the Sith Code from Yuthura at area #2, and then report to Uthar and recite it to him for prestige. Whether or not you speak with Yuthura first, here are the answers, in order:

    "my chains are broken."
    Finally, he'll ask a true or false question:
    The answer is "False" if the question pertains to doing anything it takes to achieve victory.
    The answer is "False" if the question pertains to there being nothing worse than love.
    The answer is "True" if the question pertains to the force being fueled by your passion.

  • Yuthura's Double-Cross: Location: Sith Academy #8

    This one is easy and also explained above and at area #2. When you reach Uthar for the first time (on your own), you can tell him about Yuthura's plan to poison him. Along with 610xp, you'll gain some prestige and a datapad to take to Adrenas at area #13, who will give you more xp. This is the last you'll be able to tell Uthar about the con game between both of them.

  • Weapons Cache Interrogation: Location: Sith Academy #11

    Requires that you gain (DS Points), unless you have a high computer skill, which will then enable you to gain both prestige and (LS Points). At area #11 you'll find an interrogator and a prisoner. The interrogator will ask that you find out from the prisoner where the secret weapons cache is using truth serum injections via the computer. See #11 for details. When you've extracted the information from him, you'll have to kill the interrogator and then report to Uthar, hence the Dark Side points. Alternatively, you can induce a catatonic state in the prisoner with your computer skill, and when he tells you the location, relay to Uther for Light Side points.

  • Renegade Students: Location: Shyrack Caves (#2)

    You can learn about the renegade students from Yuthura at #2 and from several other sources including the teachers at area #13. Head out into the Valley of the Dark Lords via the exit at area #14, and the caves will be at Valley of the Dark Lords (#3). You can either save them for Light Side points, or kill them for Dark Side points. When you return to Uthar, even if you freed them you can lie for prestige, stating that "they are... gone." He'll have verified that and you'll have had both Light Side points and prestige. Nice combo, that. Of course, you'll get an equal amount of prestige for killing them.

  • Lashowe's Holocron: Location: Valley of the Dark Lords (#7)

    Before you get this quest, you'll need to convince Lashowe that she needs your help. She's at area #4 here at the Academy, and you can check there for details. When you get to the Valley of the Dark Lords location, Lashowe will be kneeling and praying some sort of mantra that calls the Tuk'ata beasts. You'll fight three of them, and when they're defeated, you'll deal with Lashowe in a fight for the holocron. See the location link above for details once you're there. After you have the holocron, you can return it to Uthar for prestige. By the way, if you've done all of the above including the interrogation for Dark Side points, you'll have enough prestige to take the final test, even without entering any of the tombs.

  • Sword of Ajunta Pall: Location: Tomb of Ajunta Pall

    Found at the Valley of the Dark Lords (#6) exit, complete the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, bring back the Sword to Uthar, and you'll gain a lot of prestige. See the above location link for complete details. One word of warning. The sword is a very powerful non-energy melee weapon. You might want to consider keeping it and instead reporting a different quest, one that doesn't require giving a powerful item.

  • Writings of Jorak Uln: Location: Tomb of Tulak Hord

    Found at the Valley of the Dark Lords (#8) exit, complete the Tomb of Tulak Hord, bring back the writings of Jorak Uln to Uthar, and you'll gain a lot of prestige. See the above location link for complete details.

  • Rogue Droid: Location: Tomb of Marko Ragnos

    Found at the Valley of the Dark Lords (#9) exit, complete the Tomb of Marko Ragnos, bring back news of the Droid to Uthar, telling him that you killed it, and you'll gain a lot of prestige. See the above location link for complete details.

  • After Gaining Enough Prestige:

    When you win enough prestige to convince Uthar that you're ready for your final test, you'll be taken back to your quarters at area #1 and told to be ready when you talk to him again. Once you do, tell him you're ready and you'll be taken to the entrance to final test, just inside the Tomb of Naga Sadow (#1). When you come back to the Academy after the test, it is likely that everyone will be aggressive toward your party unless you've left on peaceful terms with either Yuthura (and she's still with the Sith) or Uthar, and you'll have a pretty big fight at area #13 with all the teachers if they're all hostile. Fortunately, you'll probably have very useful force powers and will be able to deal with them. Your party will also be somewhat spread out, with a member here at area #8 confronting many Sith, and another at area #13 waiting for you to help you up there. If you want them both to be with you at area #13, take them there before you speak with Uthar, then go solo and come back and speak to the man. Both party members will be up at #13 when you return. You can then clear out the entire Sith Academy if you wish for decent xp.

    9 - Exit

    Exit to Academy Entrance (#5). During your stay at the Sith Academy you can leave and come back freely.

    10 - Uthar Wynn's Quarters

    If you haven't received a passcard into this room from Yuthura for double-double crossing Uthar about the poison (see #2: "Returning to Uthar" above), you can pick the lock with a security skill of 14 or more. In a footlocker near his bed, you'll find some nice Dark Side items: a Sith Mask and Dark Jedi Master Robe.

  • If you're here about Yuthura's Double-double Cross:

    If you've been back to Yuthura after telling Uthar of her plan to poison him, she gives you a passcard and a vial of poison. You can activate the bed, place the poison inside for 500xp and you're done. Be sure to check the footlocker near the bed for some nice Dark Side items (explained above). After you've placed the poison, everything is in place for a weakened Uthar during your final test.

  • If you need "evidence" for Carth's son Dustil:

    This is the place to be - see #7 for details. Again, you can pick the lock or you can perform the double-double cross with Yuthura for a passcard (see #2 above). There will be a footlocker on the east side of the room that contains a datapad for Dustil. Bring it back and show it to him to conclude Carth's side quest.

    11 - Sith Interrogation Room

    Here's another way to gain prestige. Unless you have a high computer skill, though (17 works including bonuses), you'd be getting Dark Side points. While you're here, check the metal bin behind the prisoner for Droid Heavy Plating Type III.

    The interrogator that stands at the computer console will ask you if you'd like to get the prisoner in the holding cell to spill the location of a secret weapons cache. He'll then step aside and allow you to activate the console. When you do, the prisoner will speak. There is an opportunity to gain both prestige and (LS Points) but only if your computer skill is decent. If you tell the prisoner that you're here to help him, you can persuade him to tell you how to free him... by putting him into a "catatonic" state using the console. After he tells you of this possibility, the option to "apply serum to induce a catatonic state" will appear on the console. If that option succeeds, he'll be free and also tell you where the cache is. (If you happen to know what your computer skill has to be, let us know -- 11 has worked for a reader.) You can then tell Uthar for prestige.

    To gain prestige the dark way, you'll need to activate the serum console and inject heavy, moderate or small doses into the prisoner until he's at his threshold, and then ask him where the weapons cache. Easier said than done. Fortunately there are multiple ways to do this. A heavy dose is worth 5 points, a medium dose worth 3 and a small dose worth 2. The prisoner needs to be at 9 points in order to tell you where it is. If you go above that, you gain the (DS Points) but lose the prestige and prisoner. There are also anti-serum injections of the same amounts, but you won't have to use those knowing the number you need to hit. Here are the combinations that work:

    a) one heavy dose and two small doses,
    b) three medium doses, or
    c) one medium and three small doses.

    When you've given him the right amount, ask where the cache is and he'll spill. The interrogator will congratulate you and then attempt to run off to tell Uthar of the location. You can tell him you're not going to let him get away with it, which will bring up a fight and is the only way to gain the dark side prestige. Or, you can let him go. He is fairly tough and will use force choke on you so be prepared. When the battle's over, you'll get your (DS Points), but can return to Uthar to tell him the location of the cache for prestige.

    12 - Torture Room

    When you enter, you'll see a Sith Duelist killing a captive. When the battle's over, you'll have the opportunity to speak with him. He'll tell you about the room, but beyond that, there's no way to spur a fight between you. You can activate the computer panel in the center of the room for a couple options. If you slice open the datafiles, you might retrieve some information for xp. If you've got Carth's side quest, you can slice the datafiles for some info on that for bonus xp, but it won't help you with the quest. You can also release a captive to duel yourself. When one is released, though you might wish to save them, nothing can be done. However, you can avoid any Dark Side points by telling them you wish to free them. After the fight, you'll get 50xp per captive.

    You can free the prisoners by first completing your prestige quests for Uthar, retrieving the Star Map on Korriban, allowing Yuthura to live, coming back here to a peaceful academy and persuading the duelist into releasing the captives for (LS Points).

    13 - Adrenas & Sith Teachers

    You can use the teachers in this room to tell you about prestige opportunities, and the containers in the room have some useful though average items. If you've talked with Uthar about Yuthura's plan to poison him (see #8), he'll give you a datapad to give to Adrenas so that he can poison Yuthura. When you do, you'll get 500xp. If you tell Yuthura about Uthar's plan before delivering the datapad to Adrenas, she'll take it from you, and you won't be able to get the xp, so you may wish to wait until it's delivered.

  • After Finding the Star Map:

    When you re-enter into this room, unless you've sided with Yuthura during the final test and had mercy on her (letting her go), the whole academy will be hostile toward you and your party, including the many Sith here. One of your party members should be here in this room, while another is where Uthar was, at area #8. If instead you brought both of them here before you talked to Uthar, then went solo, and then returned, they both should be here. You'll have a pretty big battle ahead in these two rooms, so be careful and don't be afraid to use your force powers.

    If, however, as stated above, you let Yuthura go, then she'll wish you a short stay and you'll have safe passage through the academy.

  • 13 - Exit

    Exit to Valley of the Dark Lords (#1). When exiting through this door, if this would be your second or fourth Star Map (including Dantooine), you'll be fighting either Calo Nord (if your second) or Darth Bandon (if your fourth) right outside. Be prepared.