Droid Shop
Tatooine - Droid Shop

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1 - Exit

Exit to Anchorhead (#9). For parts or for party members, see Yuka Laka below.

2 - Yuka Laka

Pronounced "Yucka," the shrewd ithorian will let HK-47 go for a mere 5000 credits. If you've got powers of persuasion, you can haggle him down first to 4000, and finally 2500 credits. Still steep but that's as low as he'll go; you can win the Swoop Race though to rake in over 6k. Before you buy HK-47 (rather, if you decide to), speak to HK in the corner for an amusing conversation. I'd advise using HK-47 for at least the peaceful solution to the Sand People/Czerka conflict because he has some of the best dialogue in the game. Once you've coughed up the credits HK-47 becomes a new party member and you receive 250xp!

3 - HK-47, Personal Assassin Droid

HK's a hilarious character to have in your party, at the cost of perhaps a Jedi later in the game... who are always more powerful. Either way, as a ranged attacker, HK-47 can be upgraded four times to uber-assassin if your main character's Repair skill is high enough. Unfortunately, it will be tough for characters other than the Jedi Sentinel and Scout to raise their repair high enough to achieve uber-assassinhood with HK. Tough but not impossible. If you're planning on using HK, it's worth it to invest in Repair. Here are the specifics:

Repair #1:
Required Repair Skill: 10
Result: Base Dexterity increase, 14 to 16

Repair #2:
Required Repair Skill: 12
Result: Base Dexterity increase, 16 to 18

Repair #3:
Required Repair Skill: 14
Result: Vitality Regeneration, +1

Repair #4:
Required Repair Skill: 17
Result 1: Base Dexterity increase, 18 to 19
Result 2: Vitality Regeneration increase, +1 to +2