Tomb of Marko Ragnos
Korriban - Tomb of Marko Ragnos

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1 - Exit

Exit to Valley of the Dark Lords (#9). Your goal is to make it to area #5. All along this very long corridor you'll fight war droids. If you have Jolee or the Stun Droid line of force powers, you'll have a very easy time. They aren't very tough, but you won't have much rest, if any, in between them. One word of warning. There are average mines placed every length of corridor, and likely your characters will be tripping over them on route to the droids. Keep that in mind.

2 - Helpful Corpse

How often are corpses helpful? Actually a lot in this game. On it you'll find a datapad that mentions the droid inside the tomb is sensitive to sounds. Handily, there's a Sound Dampening Stealth Unit with the datapad. Moreover, your character does not need to have any points in the Stealth skill to utilize it at the required time. See area #3 for details.

3 - Rest Stop

Before you open the door here, if you're planning on any peaceful solution with the droid inside, you'd better put on a Sound Dampening Stealth Unit and save your game. Your party might already have one, but if not, there's one on a corpse at area #2. To be safe, equip it in the belt slot of any character with the Stealth skill if one is available, and make that character your lead. Next, put the character with the unit in solo mode and open the door. This way, your other characters' equipment will not be included in the droid's check. Once you open the door, you'll encounter a more peaceful droid at area #4. If you've equipped a dampening unit on your lead and followed the instructions yet the droid is still hostile, reload your game, equip another dampening unit on another non-lead character, and try again.

4 - Rogue Assassin Droid

Here is another opportunity for prestige with Uthar in the Academy. No matter what happens here with the droid, when you return to Uthar to tell him about it, you'll need to lie (for no Dark Side points) to gain prestige.

If you made too much noise coming through the door, the droid will attack and you'll be forced to kill not only it, but other creeper droids it sends out from the niches. If you followed the advice at area #3, the droid will thank you for attempting to quiet yourselves, and offer some dialogue options. One of them, of course, is to kill it. That results in the same situation as explained above. Your other option is to assist it in shutting down its functions so that it can delete its assassination programming and escape. One of the benefits to doing so are the Light Side points (if that's what you're after), the good xp, and the droid parts he gives you, not to mention the prestige gained from telling Uthar about the droid. If you kill it right off, you'll still get the parts and prestige but little else.

Let's assume you decide to help it out. This is a logic puzzle that requires you to ask the droid for assistance, until you have enough information to figure out the order in which to shut down its functions. There are eight primary functions it needs to shut down, and it will give you clues like "the Motor Function Matrix must be one of the first three to shut down" - things of that nature. If at any time you fail, you'll need to use your Repair Skill to reset the functions, and it will get harder each time you fail. If you were like me on one of my games with 0 repair skill, you cannot even fail once. Here is the order you'll shut them down:

"Combat Matrix"
"Motor Function Matrix"
"Sensory Systems Matrix"
"Memory Matrix"
"Cognitive Systems"
"Emotional Construct Matrix"
"Creative Simulation Matrix"
And it will automatically shut down its "Core."

When that's done you'll have two options. You can "delete the assassination programming" or "activate self-destruct mode." Choosing the latter will not give you any parts and will in fact give you (DS Points) to boot. Choosing to delete its programming will give you (LS Points), 1000xp and he'll give you several useful droid parts including: an Advanced Shield Disruptor, Advanced Flame Thrower, a Carbonite Projector Mark II and Droid Heavy Plating Type 3. If at the beginning, you by choice or by chance killed the droid, you can also get these parts. But again, if you activated its self-destruct after first helping, they will be lost.

5 - Tomb Door, Sarcophagus

Open this tomb door and then sarcophagus to find Marko Ragnos' Gauntlets.