Sith Base
Manaan - Sith Base

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1 - Exit

Exit to Ahto East (#4). This is the only exit back to Manaan once you've entered the Sith Base. You cannot exit back through the alternative #2 entrance.

  • When you're ready to leave:

    You'll be sent to High Court in Ahto West (#7) for your actions here. The easier option is to choose to represent yourself, since if you have an arbiter, you'll eventually need to interrupt him. If you have the datapad from #18, show it to the court and you'll be set free. If you weren't able to enter the Training Annex (see #14) and leave with just the data module from the droid, tell the court you were here on a diplomatic mission for the Republic and that you were double-crossed by the Sith who then attacked. Subsequently, you'll find yourself standing just outside High Court.

  • 2 - Exit

    Exit to Docking Bay (#7). This is a one way entrance. You can come from the Docking Bay transport but you cannot leave through this door. You'll need to use the exit at area #1.

    3 - Security Checkpoint

    As soon as you enter this room, you'll be greeted by a female security officer. You can attempt to persuade her to not alert the guards, but it will most likely fail and you'll have a fairly large battle on your hands. Take out the Sith Diplomat first, and if any of your party has the Stun Droid series of force powers, now is a good time to use it on the four droids accompanying the diplomat. Check the diplomat's remains for a nice Echani Foil, and the security officer's remains for a Nerve Enhancement Package.

    4 - Faulty War Droid

    You can repair this droid, then set it to patrol mode (and other functions) for xp. The adjacent room is your main goal, and the droid will attack there, but remember there is the whole base left to explore (if you're following this walkthrough) full of valuable items and experience.

    5 - Sith & the Broken Droid

    This is the main objective of the Sith Base, to access the large Broken Droid in the room and retrieve the data module for Roland Wann at East Central (#5). However, you'll first have to deal with a fairly large Sith battle. Two war droids, a grenadier (which you should make your first priority) and a couple more Sith troopers await. After the battle, check the footlocker on the east wall for both a Security Decryption Interface and Universal Computer Interface. Be sure to check the Broken Droid and take the data module for Roland. Your journal should update now.

    6 - Droids & Sith

    After dealing with the two assault droids in the previous room, you'll encounter more here. Vibroblades work especially well on droids with shields, but by far the best is the Stun Droid series of force powers. Jolee comes stock with the upgrade to that power, Disable Droid. When you're done with battle, you'll notice a long corridor filled with red steam. This is a very powerful substance and will deplete your vitality quicker than most things in the game. Set any Jedi in your party to solo mode (using the back button), and watch for a "bubble" of non-toxic steam wafting its way through the corridor. In solo, maintain pace with the bubble to make it through safely. Alternatively, for a perhaps faster way through, make sure this character has one of the Burst of Speed series of force powers. Activate it and run through the steam to the opposite side. If you don't have that line of powers or are impatient, you'll still be able to make it through, but might need to use a good medpac or two before you're done. At the end, you'll be able to turn the steam off with a lever.

    7 - Computer Panel & Steam Control Valve

    Likely your first priority will be to turn the steam off (see #6 above) so you can get back through the corridor without harm. There's a steam control valve on the southeast wall that does the trick. The only other object of worth is a computer panel, which you can use to have access to most of the Sith Base's rooms. Using the panel, you can turn off the force field at area #13, as well as kill the many Sith and droids in other areas of the base. Disabling the force field is not critical to exploring everywhere, but it will allow you to bypass the flow control room "puzzle" at area #10.

    8 - Dark Jedi Encounter

    There are a pair of Dark Jedi and one apprentice in this room. On their remains you'll find a Short Lightsaber and a Jenruax Crystal for your lightsaber.

    9 - Flow Control Room, Sith Encounter

    On both the north and south extreme ends of this long room, you'll find droids and Sith. There's a Sith Captain on the south side who should be one of your top priorities. On the captain's remains, you'll find a water pump analysis datapad which explains a little how the flow control doors at area #10 work. See below for details past these doors.

    10 - Flow Control Doors

    There's a very easy way to and from the Flow Control Room past these doors, and vice versa.

    1. From the Flow Control room, hit both "Door Controls" and then enter through the left door (the north door).
    2. Activate the door control in this room, then step through the next door.
    3. Activate the Flow Control on the right wall of this room, then enter through the door.
    4. Finally, activate the last door into the corridor.

    To get back to the Flow Control Room, step into the first room, open the door, step into the second room and activate the Flow Control, then exit through the last two doors. You can also disable the force field at area #13 by using the nearby desk computer at area #12.

    11 - Dark Jedi Encounter

    There are three Dark Jedi in the room, so it can be tough if you're going through Manaan early in the game. On their remains are two Jenruax Crystals, a Thermal Detonator and a Short Lightsaber. Check both footlockers in the room to find these useful items: a Hair Trigger, Bio-Antidote Package and Eriadu Strength Amplifier.

    12 - Desk Computer

    Like the computer panel at area #7, you can use this desk computer to defeat many Sith and droids throughout the base, and lower the force field at area #13.

    13 - Assault Droids & Force Field

    In this room you'll face two fairly tough Assault Droids with their shields on. Jolee's (or another party member's) Stun Droid series of force powers work wonders with droids. Use your vibroblades on droids with shields to easily slice through their defenses. The force field in the room (if you haven't yet disabled it) can be disabled using either of two computers throughout the base, one in area #12 and another in area #7. There is not much reason for this if you can get past the flow control doors at area #10 easy enough. It's simply a shortcut.

    14 - Door to the Training Annex

    If you didn't receive the missing selkath quest from Shaelas at Ahto West (#5), you won't be able to enter the Training Annex or any further in the Sith Base. When you exit at area #1 and are sent to trial, say that you were here on a diplomatic mission for the Republic and were double-crossed by the Sith, who then attacked you. You'll be set free and find yourself outside of High Court.

    15 - Medical Room, Dying Selkath Encounter

    As you enter, you'll be given a token from a dying selkath. You can use this to persuade Shasa and company at area #15 that the Sith are using the selkath for their own purposes.

    16 - Shasa & Selkath Apprentices

    Before entering, if you haven't already, you might consider going to area #14 down the hall and getting the token from a dying selkath. When opening the door, you'll be confronted by Shaelas' daughter Shasa and other Selkath Apprentices. If you've been to Ahto West (#5) to see Shaelas, this is his quest to find out what happened to his daughter and the other missing selkath. Give Shasa the token, and if you persuade her about the torture of the young Selkath without a fight, you'll receive 700xp and (LS Points).

    As an alternative method of convincing her that the Sith are evil, if you make it first to area #18 and take the datapad from the footlocker, you can instead show her that, fetch the token from area #14 and show the Selkath High Court the token (rather than the datapad) after you make it out. Be sure to represent yourself at some point.

    17 - Dark Jedi Master

    Be prepared, because there's a Dark Jedi Master and two apprentices in this room. He'll first confront you, then attack. If it's early in the game for you, take out the apprentices first, as the Master will be difficult. He's worth 1000xp by himself, and on his remains you'll get a Luxum Crystal, Dark Jedi Master Robe and a Double-Bladed Lightsaber. Check the footlockers in the room for other useful items. Proceed to the adjacent room for a useful datapad.

    18 - Room With a View

    Here in this room is a mine guarding a footlocker containing a datapad that outlines the plans the Sith have for taking over Manaan. You can use this in your defense upon exiting the base. After exiting through area #1, you'll be captured by Selkath and questioned at the High Court in Ahto West (#7). Choose to represent yourself, and show them the datapad your received from this room at the earliest convenience, and you'll be set free. Alternatively, if you choose to have the arbiter represent you, interrupt him early and continue representing yourself, showing the datapad, or, if the option presents itself, the token from the tortured Selkath.

    Note: see #1 or #14 if you're reading this but do not have this datapad when you exit the Sith Base.