The Ebon Hawk
The Ebon Hawk

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1 - Exit Ramp

to the #1 map note on any landable area. See #2, the Galaxy Map.

Ebon Hawk Quests:

  • The Stowaway: Origination: Ebon Hawk - after your first voyage.

    After landing the Ebon Hawk for the first time and reaching area #5 in the ship, it's Zaalbar (naturally) that tells you that the food supplies are lower than they should be. Curious. Go to the cargo hold at area #7, check the supply container near the entrance "carefully" and it will be confirmed. You probably have a visitor and should search the ship. Head to the crew quarters on the left side of the ship (directly opposite #9) first, and you'll hear footsteps behind you. Now head to the open room above #5, just before area #3. Again footsteps. Check area #6 where Jolee would be if you had him. Finally, it's back to the cargo hold. You'll see a young girl, so speak with her.

    She speaks some sort of Mandalorian dialect you're unfamiliar with. You'll have the choice to learn it for 60xp if you wish. Keep communicating with her, asking about the strange language until you can "communicate with her in her language." The person you should see about taking her to is Lur Arka Sulas at the Jedi Enclave (#2) in Dantooine. When you go back, tell him Sasha's on board, allow him to come aboard your ship to take her, and you'll receive 310xp and (LS Points) if you bothered to communicate with her and chose the nice options.

    Extraneous info: if you decide to leave the girl on the ship and not finish the quest, Zaalbar will inform you after a bit of travel that she has disappeared.

  • Gizka Invasion: Origination: Tatooine, Docking Bay (#3), Jor Ul Kurax.

    Automatically initiated, Jor will tell you that a shipment of "Gizka" has been delivered to the Ebon Hawk. When you board the 'Hawk, the critters will be hopping all around. What to do? There are a couple ways to get rid of them (if you want to of course). You can either poison them or give them to an exotic species specialist on Manaan. Poisoning them is faster and gives you more experience, for some reason (those sadists at BioWare). However, if your persuasion is high, you can get less experience and a whopping 100 credits from the selkath on Manaan - but you might feel better. I would have liked to have seen the "sell gizka guano to enthusiastic rodian" quest that was featured on the back of the pre-release box cover - just make T3-M4 (or better, HK-47) take samples - but that option got mysteriously cut.

    The Poison Method:
    At least two places on Tatooine sell "Gizka Poison." The handy merchant in the Tatooine Docking Bay (#2) sells it for 350 credits, and so does the bartender at the Anchorhead Cantina (#3). Once you've procured a dose, step onboard the 'Hawk and activate a Gizka to feed it the poison for 560xp.

    The Non-lethal Alternative:
    Head to Manaan, and in the Docking Bay (#4) you'll find Nubassa, who will take the Gizka off the ship if you give him 100 credits. With a little persuasion, you can convince him to pay you the 100. You'll get 500xp as well.

    The Meh Approach:
    So the Gizka are on your ship. So what? If you allow them to stay, they'll eventually scatter off the ship when you get to the Unknown World.

  • Secret Spice: Origination: Korriban, Dreshdae (#8), Lurze.

    When you talk to Lurze, he'll talk about a delivery that never took place aboard the Ebon Hawk. There's a secret compartment in the cargo hold (#7) where you've supposedly got some spice. He wants you to get it and bring it back to him for a reward, and he gives you the code for the compartment: "Red-47". Enter the cargo hold, and search the middle of the back wall behind the containers for a "compartment". Cycle through the various selectable containers when you're back there until you find it. Activate it and enter the code, and take the spice out. Return to Lurze for an easy 500xp and 1000 credits (persuade or threaten for 1500). Once this is done, he'll ask if you're interested in another quest: the "Mysterious Box."

  • Mysterious Box: Origination: Korriban, Dreshdae (#8), Lurze, after "Secret Spice" (above).

    Lurze's second mission is for you to take a "mysterious box" that he'll load into the Ebon Hawk's cargo hold (#7) to Motta the Hutt at the Swoop Registration (#4) on Tatooine for a lot of credits. Only, he tells you absolutely not open the box. But how can you resist? If you deliver it, you'll be able to get 2000 (persuade for more) credits from the Hutt without questions. However, for the curious, here's the solution for the box when you open it:

    Answer the riddles in this order and follow them by asking him riddles of your own:

    "A grave"

    After this third correct answer, give him the riddle with numbers in it, the "5 crewmen, ships, pets" one. Now ask to be returned.

  • Replacement Ship Parts: Origination: Unknown World, automatic.

    When you reach the Unknown World, you'll get this quest automatically. You only need to find one set of replacement ship parts, but you can find them in two locations: South Beach (#3) and, if allying with the Elders, after the battle at the Rakatan Settlement (#7). When you've got the parts, you can return to the engine room at #10 and activate the engine compartment called "Hyperdrive" to fix the hyperdrive stabilizers.

    2 - Galaxy Map

    Activate the map and select your destination:

  • Dantooine, Jedi Enclave (#1)

  • Tatooine, Docking Bay (#1)

  • Kashyyyk, Czerka Landing Port (#1)

  • Manaan, Docking Bay (#1)

  • Korriban, Dreshdae (#1)

  • Late in the game you'll have another choice. You will know it when it happens.

    3 - Carth, Bastila

    Welcome to the bridge. To your left is the Galaxy Map, and in front of you are Carth and Bastila, for most of the game. They won't offer anything here but conversation.

    4 - Juhani

    If you have Juhani in your party, she's here. Like Carth and Bastila, she's good for conversation aboard the 'Hawk, but not much else.

    5 - Zaalbar, T3-M4

    Zaalbar makes Adhesive, Concussion and Ion grenades. He'll only make them if your total amount of these types of grenades in your inventory is 0-10. T3-M4 makes Computer Spikes. If you have 11 or more of any combination of the grenades above, Zaalbar will refuse to make more, and if you have 11 or more spikes, T3-M4 will give you the negatory beep.

    6 - Jolee

    This miser makes Life Support Packs. Unfortunately there's a catch. He'll only make them if the total amount of normal medpacs, advanced medpacs and life support packs does not exceed 10. Likely by the time you get him, you'll have plenty regular medpacs ones saved up. If you had to make use of his skill, you'd probably be able to use a container somewhere, to store your normal and advanced ones... or sell them.

    7 - Cargo Hold

    Besides the workbench at area #8 and the bridge, this is where the majority of action takes place aboard the Ebon Hawk. You'll first come in here during the "Stowaway Quest," explained in detail above - see #1. Another couple of quests you'll do here are the "Secret Spice" and "Mysterious Box" quests, both originating from Korriban. The spice can be found in the middle of the back wall in a secret compartment behind all the containers. When the mysterious box appears, you can choose to activate it (I couldn't resist myself) or leave it alone and deliver it. See #1: "Secret Spice" and "Mysterious Box" for details.

    8 - Workbench, Canderous & HK-47

    You can use the workbench here to tool your upgrades to your weapons and armor, or you can visit with Canderous and HK-47. Canderous randomly makes Adrenal Strength, Alacrity and Stamina stimulants. No soup for you if you have any combination of those totaling 11 or more.

    9 - Mission

    She'll play Pazaak with you for fun, and can make you Security Spike Tunnelers. If you have 11 or more of them, she'll refuse.

    10 - Engine Room

    Only one thing happens here. When you're on the Unknown World and find repair parts, this is where you go to replace the bad hyperdrive motivators by activating the engine compartment. See #1 and "Replacement Ship Parts" for details.