Leviathan - Bridge

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1 - Exit

Exit to Command Deck (#9). Your goal here is to make it to area #4, defeat the enemies and open the docking bay doors for the Ebon Hawk using the computer terminal.

2 - Airlock

If you don't yet have them, you'll need the space suits from the Armory at Command Deck (#5) before exiting through this airlock. Once you have them, simply open the airlock door and you'll be transported outside and treated to a beautiful view. Make your way around the walkway to the other airlock and you'll find yourself in the room above area #3.

3 - Sith Battle

There are five Elite Troopers in the room, so be ready. Search their remains and other containers in the room for some average but useful items.

4 - The Bridge, Saul Karath

As soon as you open the door to the Bridge, you'll flip to a cut-scene with Saul. After that, you'll battle the several Elite Troopers, pair of Dark Jedi and Saul Karath. It's not easy but if planned properly, can be routine. There will be two troopers near the door at the back where your party is, so keep one of them there to deal with those. Now would be a good time to toss a thermal detonator or two, especially if you picked them up at the Armory on the Command Deck. Then bring the most powerful party member or two up toward Saul (usually your character) to attempt to incapacitate the two Dark Jedi, Saul and Elite Troopers (if not already dead from the detonators). The Elite Troopers will throw grenades, so it's best if they're frozen or otherwise kept out of the attack until later. Saul isn't terribly resistant to force powers so don't be afraid to use them on him. Get rid of the two Dark Jedi as soon as possible as they can be thorns.

When the battle's over, Saul will be lying on the ground and will summon Carth over. If you persuade Carth not to give into his hatred for Saul, you'll get (LS Points), and Saul will keel over. After he's gone, search the his remains for 3.7k credits, Saul's Sith Assassin Pistol and an incredibly effective Verpine Prototype Shield, the best shield in the game. Saul's Sith Assassin Pistol is labeled "Sith Assassin Pistol" but it will be separate from any that you've received in the past. Look at its stats to see the difference.

Now it's time to use the computer panel near where Saul was to open the docking bay doors for the Ebon Hawk's escape from the Leviathan. You'll also need the computer panel to open the once-locked exit at area #5, so that you can easily get to the Command Deck. When you're at the computer panel, you should see three Sith Grenadiers heading up through the corridor toward the Bridge. Defeat them and then head on out through area #5.

5 - Exit

Exit to Command Deck (#10). This door will remain locked until you use the computer panel in the Bridge where Saul is/was to open it. When you return to the Command Deck, beware of pairs of Dark Jedi and Sith Grenadiers roaming the corridors. For good xp and decent items, take care of them all. Your goal now is to hit the elevator in the Command Deck and head down to the Hangar.