Starboard Section
Endar Spire - Starboard Section

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1 - Exit

Exit to Command Module (#7). This door becomes locked as soon as you enter the Starboard Section.

2 - Espionage Tutorial

Check the footlocker for more parts and computer spikes. In the next room, Carth tells you, you'll face off against many sith troopers. There are two ways you can make the battle easier: use the droid in the right corner, or the computer panel in the left. It doesn't hurt to activate either; you won't waste any parts or spikes.

To use any droid in the game, you're at least required to set it to patrol mode (4 parts for this one). Then they'll spark to life and wander through open doors attempting to kill any enemy in their way and giving you the experience for it. You can also usually increase any number of droid capabilities like weapons and shields for additional parts. For this one, you'll get 100xp for patrol and 130xp for activating all functions.

An easier route, but one which wastes more useful parts at this stage, is to use the computer panel. You can overload the terminal in the other room and instantly kill all the sith. This will use up most or all of your computer spikes, and net you 150xp. (You'll get more exp from using the droid because you'll still have to deal with the sith inside.) Computer panels are found in abundance throughout the game. They can perform any number of useful functions like downloading the area map, de-shielding droids, overloading terminals and more area-specific functions. One note here. At the end of the game, you should absolutely have plenty of experience to go around if you do the side quests, so don't worry about a few hundred here or there.

3 - Many Sith Troopers

...or dead ones if you used the computer terminal in the previous room. When the door opens and if they're still alive, toss a frag grenade inside to help with the battle. Or, simply hang back and let the droid do the work. Search the remains of the sith in a red uniform (Heavy Trooper), and you'll find a Prototype Vibroblade and Ion Blaster. When you're ready, head through the last door.

4 - Exit

Exit to Taris, South Apartments (#1). These are the escape pods. Here you'll meet up with Carth Onasi (250xp), a new party member, and then make your escape. The Endar Spire is ready to explode, so use the escape pod in the room. Poor Trask died with honor at least.