Rwookrrorro Village
Kashyyyk - Rwookrrorro Village

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1 - Exit

Exit to The Great Walkway (#7). Rwookrrorro Village is somewhat a puzzle if you want to get everything done. One quest in particular (Woorwill's Quest - see #8 below) will not be able to be completed if you side with Chuundar in the end, and have already dealt with Freyyr. After the final confrontation with Chuundar, you won't have access to the village. If you side with Freyyr, however, you'll be free to complete that quest at your leisure.

2 - Exit

Exit to Chieftain Hall (see #5). This is where you'll be sent to the first time you enter the village. Afterward, feel free to take on Woorwill's Quest - see #8 below.

3 - Exit

Exit to Woorwill's Home (see #7). The Missing Wookiee quest is inside.

4 - Exit

Exit to Worrroznor's Home (see #9). You'll need to come here at the completion of Woorwill's Quest (see #8).Chieftain Hall.

5 - Exit

Exit to Rwookrrorro Village (see #2).

6 - Chieftain Hall

The first time in the village, you'll be taken directly to Chuundar, who happens to have taken his brother Zaalbar captive. In order to free him (and find the Star Map), you'll need to agree to take care of the "Mad Wookiee" for Chuundar. Turns out that the Wookiee in question is Freyyr... Zaalbar's and Chuundar's father! But... but that's impossible! He's hiding in the Lower Shadowlands (#6), but you'll have to do a few things before you get there. After the revelation, you'll be allowed to exit into Rwookrrorro Village again, and also access into the Upper Shadowlands - see The Great Walkway (#9). After exiting the hall, you have the option to pick up a quest at Woorwill's house. Note: it's actually possible to complete the quest without initiating it first, but why not - it's close.

  • After allying with Freyyr in Lower Shadowlands (#6) :

    If you've allied with Freyyr, you'll be taken back to the Chieftain Hall here when you get back up to the The Great Walkway (#8) and talk to Chorrawl. Even though you've allied with Freyyr, you'll have one final chance to turn your back on him in conversation, and end up fighting Freyyr and a few instead of Chuundar and many. If you choose to stick with Freyyr, after the conversation you'll have to fight Chuundar, a lot of angry Wookiees, and Czerka guards who like to hang back and fire at you with blasters. Concentrate on stunning or incapacitating Chuundar first using your force powers. He's fairly robust so will take some pounding. It's not the toughest battle, but in such small quarters, you'll be fighting at close melee range for most of it. When it's over and you've spoken with Freyyr, you'll get 3510xp, (LS Points), Bacca's Ceremonial Blade and if you search Chuundar's remains, Chuundar's Bowcaster. With any option you choose, Zaalbar will be released back into your party at its conclusion. If you instead fought with Freyyr and gang, you'll get 2835xp, Bacca's Blade and of course (DS Points).

  • After killing Freyyr in Lower Shadowlands (#6) :

    Gorwooken at the Upper Shadowlands basket will return you here to Chieftain's Hall to speak with Chuundar. After the melancholy conversation, you'll get (DS Points) of course, Bacca's Ceremonial Blade and 2835xp. After leaving the conversation, you'll be taken to The Great Walkway (#7) exit, and cannot return to the village again.
  • Woorwill's Home.

    7 - Exit

    Exit to Rwookrrorro Village (see #3).

    8 - Woorwill & Jaarak

    The first time here, without having picked up any evidence in Upper Shadowlands, talk to Woorwill to receive a quest to find the missing Wookiee, Rorwoor. Jaarak obviously hints during this conversation that it's a touchy subject. You'll find this evidence, a bolt casing and datapad, on a Wookiee's Corpse at Upper Shadowlands (#7). Because of the warring factions here on Kashyyyk between the Czerka and Wookiees, if you travel through Upper and Lower Shadowlands to Freyyr (your goal other than the Star Map), and decide to kill him, you won't again have access to this quest and it will be closed. If that's the path you're considering, I'd suggest returning once you have the evidence.

    Bring the evidence and show it to Woorwill first. You'll get 200xp for the conversation but Jaarak will interrupt. Confront Jaarak now with the evidence, first about the bolt casing and then the datapad, and you'll get another 200xp. Jaarak will want to be judged by the "Holder of the Laws," Worrroznor. Your next task is to head to Worrroznor's Home, and talk to him about the evidence.Worrroznor's Home.

    9 - Exit

    Exit to Rwookrrorro Village (see #4). You won't gain much by entering here until the completion of Woorwill's Quest - see #8 above.

    10 - Worrroznor, Holder of the Laws

    If you've already picked up the evidence (datapad and bolt casing) from Upper Shadowlands (#7) for Woorwill's Quest (see #8 above), ask Worrroznor about the bolt casing. He'll explain that it's Jaraak's, and after a brief pause, both Jaarak and Woorwill will appear there. If you can release Jaarak from his apparent death sentence course, you'll get (LS Points). To do that, ask Worrroznor whether there's any alternative to death. When he asks why and Jaarak interjects, stubbornly refuse to let Jaarak die. Then show Worrroznor the datapad as evidence. You'll get both light side points, 1400xp and a new Wookiee friend.