Temple Exterior
Unknown World - Temple Exterior

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1 - Exit

Exit to Central Beach (#6). You'll find some Mandalorians at area #3, and many Wild Rancor in the area. Area #5 is the place to go when you're ready to enter the Temple (which won't be for awhile if this is your first time here).

2 - Beware, Wild Rancors

Your first pair of Wild Rancors is here, but you'll find more all the way up the northwest side of this area. They can hit quite hard, so it's best if you take at least one of them out of battle for each pair, rather than taking them both on. Best of all, they're each worth a good bit of xp.

3 - Mandalorian Ambush

You've probably seen those words before. For all their "honor" during battle, as Canderous likes to say, there's certainly been plenty of them during the game laying in wait for a surprise ambush. Either way, the main reason for taking these guys out, apart from the xp, is to bring back the head of the Mandalorian Captain to Warleader Garn at North Beach (#4), assuming you're (still) friendly with the Rakatan Settlement.

This is part of Garn's quest, and as soon as you enter the area, many tough Mandalorians will ambush you and throw on shields for protection. The captain is especially tough, but like most other enemies in the game, highly susceptible to force powers. Use them and you'll be victorious without much problem. The only possible problem with this battle is that your party is surrounded and they're fairly spread out. Yet each member should be powerful enough to take on one set of the Mandalorians, so you shouldn't have much trouble. On the Captain, you'll find his head and Mandalorian Assault Armor. Bring back his head (if you've got the quest or can still get it) to Garn, and you'll get one of the best rewards of any quest in the game. See the link above for details.

It's strongly advised that you immediately take back the head to Garn if you have the quest or can get it before going to South Beach, as entering the Elder Settlement there and coming out peacefully will mean Garn will be hostile to you, and you won't be able to complete the quest.

4 - Exit

Exit to South Beach (#1). The Elder Settlement awaits.

5 - Temple Ritual

After you've spoken with the Elders at their settlement off of South Beach, and completed their quest, they'll agree to hold open the Temple energy shield long enough for you to slip in. Likewise, if you've sided with the Rakatan Settlement against the Elders, and completed their quest, the character known as The One and his tribesman will help you enter. When you're ready to enter they'll be at this location.

Remove all the party members at the party selection screen, and talk to the Guide alone. This will begin the ritual. At first you'll have to agree to go in alone, but as soon as the ritual starts, two of your party members will come warning you not to go in alone. Most likely this will be Jolee and Juhani if you have both those characters. You'll then have to convince the guide that you must bring the others in as well. This is not difficult. Simply choose whichever option suits you, though if you choose to demand it instead of reasoning with him, you'll get (DS Points). Soon, you and your party members will find yourself just inside the Ancient Temple entrance at Temple Main Floor (#1).

6 - Exit

Exit to Temple Main Floor (#1). Though this is your goal on the Unknown World, there's no way inside until you enlist the help of the Elder Councilors at the Elder Settlement off of South Beach, or "The One" at the Rakatan Settlement off of North Beach.