Sith Base
Taris - Sith Base, Main Level

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1 - Exit

Exit to Upper City North (#8).

2 - Receptionist

As soon as you enter the base, the receptionist will question your motives for being here. You can attempt to persuade her that you've been invited, give her 50 credits, or simply mildly threaten her, and still not receive dark side points. Choose whichever way works. If you fail or threaten to kill her, she'll sound the alarm, and the adjoining room door to the west will open with Sith Troopers and a Technician inside (who in turn holds a datapad with a small entry about the robot guarding the elevator at #9). They like to throw grenades when they get the chance... as do many of the other sith encounters in the base.

When the smoke has cleared, there's a Receptionist Terminal in the middle of the room. You can use this for a lot of help on the level and for xp. One choice disables the defense turrets on the level (two at area #9 and another two in the Armory at area #8). Another opens the elevator at area #10, your goal. Another takes down the assault droid's shields - the same one that guards the elevator. Another disables it. Many choices. There are two more security terminals you'll have access to in this base.

3 - Security Terminal

This room holds a couple of droids and another terminal.

4 - "Captured Duros" Puzzle

You'll come across a Duros suspended in a prison capsule. If you talk with him, he'll tell you that you can free him by flipping the appropriate switches on the opposite wall in front of him. There are five switches and they each have two states: red and green. They're arranged green, red, green, red, green on the wall. If they're all green, the prisoner dies. If they're all red, he's freed. You decide. There's an easy solution, and it goes like this:

Flip the middle switch first.
Flip either the far right or far left switch next.
Flip the switch on the opposite end of the one you switched above.

When you've freed him, you'll receive 110xp and (LS Points).

Additionally, if you want the (DS Points), picture the switches labeled 1 to 5 from left to right. The order to kill him would be 1, 5, 2, 3, 5, as submitted by a reader.

5 - Rusted Sentry

Here's a repairable droid, an xp opportunity. By setting it to patrol mode, along with optionally increasing its combat capacities, it will help in the area #6, the Control Room, as there are many Sith inside who are keen to throw grenades.

6 - Control Room

Guarding each door just inside the room, there are mines. In the heat of battle it's sometimes difficult to disable them quick enough, so be prepared. There are lots of Sith in the room. Toss a grenade or two at the bunch to make the battle easier. Easier still, repair the droid at area #5 to have it storm in before you.

There's also another security terminal in the room as well.

7 - Barracks

This can be a somewhat challenging encounter. There are sith and droids inside, and a Sith Captain that likes throwing grenades in close quarters. Other than that, there's not much of note in here.

8 - Armory

It's guarded by two defense turrets just inside the door, unless you switched them off using one of the three security terminals in the base. Inside, you'll find these items among others: a Flame Thrower, Energy Projector and Beam Splitter.

9 - Elevator Access, Assault Droid

In the room just before this one, you'll find an "elevator pass" in a footlocker guarded by more sith. You can use that to gain easy access to the elevator, or alternatively use any of the computer consoles to open the elevator. Unless you disabled the droid and turrets inside using one of the three terminals in the base, you'll have a challenge in front of you. The droid has an energy shield, so it's best to go melee with it using vibroblades or non-energy weapons. If, however, you found the datapad from the technician in the small room at the #2 encounter, you may have noticed that the datapad says that the power conduit near the elevator interferes with the droid's shields. The conduit is to the left of the door as you enter #9, so if you fight the droid there, you should have an easier time. Bastila's double-bladed lightsaber will not too much to harm it while the shield is up. The droid alone is worth 700xp when killed. When you've passed the encounter, head through the Elevator at area #10.Taris - Sith Base, Governor's Chambers.

10 - Elevator

Elevator to Governor's Chambers. See #11.

11 - Elevator

Elevator to Sith Base, Main Level. See #10.

12 - Sith Governor

You want 'em, he's got 'em: the Taris Launch Codes. He's got a double-blade and throws on an energy shield to boot, so can be considered dangerous as well. Make use of Bastila's skill and the Droid's (if available) rays and long range. He's not overly difficult, and at least there's only one to fight. On his remains you'll find the launch codes and Strength Gauntlets. There's more, however in the strong boxes within his chambers including: 500 credits, Durasteel Bonding Alloy and Light Battle Armor.

You've got the codes, so go and clear up any miscellaneous quests you've left hanging, and then once again meet with Canderous Ordo at the Lower City Cantina (#9). He'll take you and your party to Davik's Estate (#1), where he'll attempt to offer you something you can't refuse.... this mafia's obviously never had to deal with future Jedi.