Hunting Lodge
Tatooine - Hunting Lodge

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1 - Exit

Exit to Anchorhead (#5). Fazaa is the only one that deals with quests here in the lodge, but for some backstory or Pazaak, talk to the others.

2 - Fazaa Utral, Merchant

A general merchant, he's also the one you'll sell your Desert Wraid Plates to, including the one from Sharina Fizark at Anchorhead (#2) for her side quest. To buy or sell from him, you'll need a Hunting License from the Rep at Czerka Office (#3).

3 - Komad Fortuna, Hunter Extraordinaire

Meet Komad. He hunts Krayt Dragons. You'll see him again before you're done, but not here.

4 - The Three Stooges

Gurke and gang, a group of Gamorreans are out to get you. There's no way to pick a fight with them here, but you can get (DS Points) for trying.

5 - Tanis Venn, Philanderer

Is this lodge full of slimeballs or what? Here's another you'll probably meet again, only not here in the lodge.

6 - Kudos, Pazaak Shark

He'll play Pazaak with you for an eventual max of 600 credits per hand. Beat him a few times at that and he'll offer up a reward. The reward is purportedly a lightsaber crystal but the Xbox version of this reward/quest is bugged. Hooray! At least in the PC version it's fixed. The reward is... a spiffy new... and there's no way you have one of these already; they're too rare. It's a brand new Vibration Cell! Update: after several e-mails with different rewards, it appears that it is randomly selected from a list o' average stuff. Afterward, you'll still be able to play him for 600 a hand.