Tomb of Ajunta Pall
Korriban - Tomb of Ajunta Pall

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1 - Exit

Exit to Valley of the Dark Lords (#6). Your goal is to make it to area #9.

2 - Shaardan Encounter

After getting the Sword of Ajunta Pall, Shaardan of the Academy will meet you here on your way out and demand you give it to him. However, since he doesn't know what it looks like... you can simply say "ok... here" and give him one of the other two swords you received at area #10, the fake ones. Either one will do. He'll gloat and leave, and when you return to Uthar, you'll see Shaardan giving him the wrong sword, and what Uthar does to failures. Of course, you can also fight Shaardan here and leave, but isn't it more fun playing with him first?

3 - Sith Corpse

Search the corpse here for a Demolitions Sensor.

4 - Severed Arm

Search this severed arm for a datapad, which gives you hints at how to solve the relatively easy puzzle coming up at area #5.

5 - Therangen Obelisk

To get past this obelisk, you'll have to first activate it, give it a grenade, and watch it blow up. Of course, there's a consequence to that - it's trapped. After the detonation, all of the droids at area #6 will be activated, and they have shields up as well. But you've got a solution nearby. You can choose to destroy them all for a little xp each using any of your range capabilities (including the Stun Droid force power line), or you can just pull the lever at area #7 which will blow them all up. There is no way to take down the pillar standing before the line of droids, even though it is selectable.

6 - Trapped Droids

As soon as you place a grenade in the Therangen Obelisk at area #5, these droids will activate. You can destroy them using conventional means, or you can hit the lever at area #7 to rid yourself of this nuisance.

7 - Lever for Droids

This is the lever that Jack built. Hit the lever to destroy the droids, that were activated at the obelisk, which fell from the explosion, that you learned from the datapad, which you found on the severed arm at area #4. Whew.

8 - Spirit of Ajunta Pall

As soon as you enter, you'll be greeted by the Spirit of Ajunta Pall. Aside from learning about some of the history of the ancient Sith, he'll give you a quest. You're to take the three swords from the tomb door/sarcophagus in the center of the room at area #9, and based upon his lyrical riddle, choose which one to place on the statue at area #10. You may re-read the riddle at the quests section of your journal, and look at the swords in your inventory to make the choice.

The correct sword is the notched sword. If you give this one to the statue, then "you have chosen wisely." The spirit will give you the magnificent Ajunta Pall's Blade and you'll get 1000xp. Further, if you convince the Spirit that it can atone for its Dark Side actions, you'll receive (LS Points). After that, it will leave and you'll be free to do so as well. During that same conversation you can also choose to annoy the spirit enough to provoke an attack; just keep asking about the Star Map. After the battle is over, you get the obvious (DS Points), the sword, and more xp. After either option, you can now return to Uthar in the Academy with the blade for significant prestige, but seeing how powerful the sword is, you might instead wish to tell him about other completed quests rather than this one.

Another option is To give the statue the wrong sword (the silver-lined or vibro), and be forced to kill the Spirit. Though that will net you no prestige and no nice sword, you'll get 500xp and the 1000xp for the Spirit's death.

Remember, if you received Ajunta Pall's Blade, you'll be confronting Shaardan on your way out at area #2.

9 - Tomb Door, Sarcophagus

After speaking with the Spirit of Ajunta Pall at area #8, first open the Tomb Door and then the Sarcophagus to find three swords. The "correct" choice for the statue is the notched sword.

10 - The Statue

After speaking with the Spirit and retrieving the three swords from the sarcophagus, you'll need to decide which one to place in its hands. Both the silver-lined and vibro swords are the wrong choice. The notched sword will give you Ajunta Pall's Blade from the Spirit.