Introduction & Advice
As with all of our walkthroughs, if you have any additional quest information or find something we missed, please do not hesitate to let us know. Most of our walkthroughs are the most in-depth yet easy-to-read you can get on the 'net, and we expect this will be the same. Happily, some of the extra weight comes from your help. We've already had countless e-mails with helpful additions sent in, and where appropriate they've been noted. We'd like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has helped to make this a better walkthrough!

Please take a look at our Walkthrough FAQ before starting the walkthrough; it has no spoilers and should help a lot to clarify questions you may or will have while playing. Read on for general advice and a brief introduction to the walkthrough and most excellent RPG.

Walkthrough Legend:

Exit or Elevator to another map.  Light Map Marker = Exit or Elevator to another map.
Event or Encounter within a map.  Dark Map Marker = Event or Encounter within a map.
(LS/DS Points) = Light Side/Dark Side Points opportunity.

Note about Dark Side points: they're very easy to come by and usually obvious, so you won't see as many (DS Points) in the walkthrough, but you will still see them frequently. (LS Points) are not as obvious, and sometimes doing good deeds will get you nothing except satisfaction, if even that. Therefore, we have included every Light Side opportunity.


Nearly unique to game developers, BioWare has time and again pulled off the dichotomous good vs. evil theme in their storylines. Despite their previous successes with player morals, nowhere in their RPGs to date is it more manifest than in the light/dark continuum of Knights of the Old Republic. What better - or more appropriately, easier - universe is there to take advantage of this than Star Wars?

You can play KotOR any way you want: good, balanced or evil. At any point in the game your main character will sit somewhere on that light/dark continuum, and it will influence most everything you do, from Force Point cost (mana consumption) to NPC disposition towards your party. Sometimes you might even feel guilty about a choice you made: help where you shouldn't have, hinder where you should have. The beauty of KotOR is that at almost any point in the game, you are not beyond redemption (for good or for evil). Late in the game however, you might be forced to choose a path and stick with it.


The easiest way to play through the game is to choose a side and in general, stick with it. The most powerful force powers have made that choice, falling either on the light or dark side. Your choice will determine how much those powers cost to use. Sticking somewhere in the middle will give you no bonus deductions for either the light or dark side force powers, but no negatives either - making it too something to consider. Choose your force powers to suit your play style.

Throughout the game, there are countless opportunities to gain light and dark side points. It is far, far easier to become evil than it is to become good. You'll notice that when you gain light points, your place on the continuum moves up only slightly, sometimes imperceptibly. When you gain dark points, it falls noticeably. You might think that because of this, the game would become easier by sticking with the light side - better powers and whatnot - an auto-balance mechanism. This is not the case. It is different and in some ways actually harder to play the light side. It will definitely have you running around more and performing more quests. Definitely more tedious. You will earn more money, more power, and more respect by playing the dark side. You know this to be true. Jedi propaganda is only the denial of their true feelings. They say it makes them stronger in the Force, but you know differently. You know where the true power is. Come claim it!

Ahem. On to the worlds. Such a beautiful thing it is (what am I Yoda now?) to be able to travel to different worlds, exploring each of them at your leisure. After you leave Dantooine, you'll be able to go to four more worlds in whatever order you want. As a general rule, Tatooine and Kashyyyk are easier than Manaan and Korriban. My first time through, however, I did Tatooine, Manaan, half Korriban, Kashyyyk, half Korriban again and it was just fine. Play it like you want to but if you're concerned, follow the guidelines above.

Money, Items, Combat & Bugs (Xbox)

Listen to me Luke. Your lightsaber can get you through a lot, but things can be much easier if you use grenades, stim packs and judicious use of force powers. If you're playing the light side or a balanced character, the Stun and Push series of force powers can be invaluable. If you're playing the dark side, the Slow or Shock series can be just as handy. When you're picking Force Powers later in the game, try and focus on a few sets of them, rather than spreading them around. You'll have a more powerful character that way.

Save most of your money. Late in the game you'll come across some expensive items and though you will want them all, you will not be able to afford them all (if you're like most people). Most of the best items in game can all be found, but some are worth buying. Search everywhere and in every container. This walkthrough strives to cover all the minor and significant events or encounters, as well as any above average items you come upon. It will not cover what's in every bin or insignificant room - life is important too. Remember to "bash" open locked footlockers and doors if your party does not have a high enough Security skill.

The bugs. Save often, and use many different slots. The Xbox and your PC have plenty of memory. There are few gamestoppers in KotOR, but one is especially noteworthy for the Xbox version. When you're on the Leviathan ship and about to rescue your party members late in the game, remember to have your character (if playing Juhani or Mission) unstealthed when you activate the computer terminal. If you are in stealth mode (invisible) and enter the next cut-scene, the game will crash.

Most of all, have fun and really, play like you want to. RPGs of this quality do not come around very often. Their purpose is to take us to another universe for a brief time, and KotOR has done just that. On with the Walkthrough FAQ.