Anchorhead Cantina
Tatooine - Anchorhead Cantina

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1 - Exit

Exit to Anchorhead (#8). Talk to the bartender for some useful items, or seek out a game of Pazaak. Bastila's Mother will be here if you have her quest active - see #4 below.

2 - Furko Nellis, Pazaak Shark

He'll play Pazaak with you for an eventual max of 500 credits. When you win at that amount, he'll refuse to play again.

3 - Junix Nard, General & Pazaak Merchant

For some unique items, see Junix here. He's also got probably the finest selection of Pazaak cards in the game! Two each of +1/-1, +2/-2, +3/-3 and +4/-4 side deck cards. Finally, he's another source of Gizka Poison if you still needed it for the Docking Bay (#3) Gizka Invasion quest.

4 - Helena, Bastila's Mother

She'll only be here if you've activated the quest - see Jedi Enclave (#2): Bastila's Mother Quest for details. After their loving reunion, her mother will ask that you find her father's holocron journal somewhere in the desert. Turns out he was hunting Krayt Dragons. There's only one place that a Krayt Dragon resides on Tatooine, and that's in the Eastern Dune Sea. You'll have to be able to get there first however, by completing the Sand People Quests received at the Czerka Office (#3).

Once you've defeated the Krayt Dragon, his "tattered equipment pack" with holocron is near the back of the cave at Eastern Dune Sea (#5). Bring it back to Helena and determine the outcome of their reunion through conversation for 250xp.