Dantooine - Ruins

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1 - Exit

Exit to Courtyard (#9).

2 - Ancient Droid & Remains

Stepping into this central hub area, you'll encounter a non-hostile Ancient Droid (and be rewarded 300xp for ending the conversation with it). Speak to the droid and it will fill you in on the mysteries of these ruins, an ancient race of beings and the Star Forge - but not all the mysteries. For instance, it neglects to tell you how to enter the southern door (area #5 containing the Star Map) that Revan and Malak came through, except that you must be deemed worthy. How? You have to pass the trials in the rooms beyond both the east and west doors before the southern door will open. Take them in any order you wish, as they both present very similar challenges.

Before you go, there's the remains of one "Nemo" on the ground in this room. Yes, he's the one you passed by (and perhaps talked to) back in the Courtyard (#2). Search his remains for a nice Sigil Crystal lightsaber upgrade, and your first Jedi Robe.

3 - Guardian Droid & Ancient Terminal

As soon as you enter, you'll be targeted by a "Guardian Droid," a very powerful droid with weak attacks. Using your lightsabers and blaster rifles, this battle would be a nightmare. Fortunately, all you need do is use your vibroblades, and it slices through the droid's defenses quite nicely and in record time. Another way to disable the droid's shields is to run past it to the ancient terminal and shut it down, but if you carry vibroblades, that shouldn't be necessary. After it's defeated, approach the Ancient Terminal in back, and "talk to it." Now insert your datapad when the option presents itself. Finally, talk to it again. You'll be presented with a puzzle: "identify three primary life-giving seed world types." There is a list of six options. The three will most likely be obvious to you, but here are the answers anyway:

  • Oceanic

  • Arboreal

  • Grassland

  • Once that's done, you have successfully completed the challenge in this room. Check the nearby wreckage in front of the terminal for items if you like. If this is your first room, proceed to the west room. Otherwise, the southern door will now be open to you.

    4 - Guardian Droid & Ancient Terminal

    As with the droid at area #3, use your vibroblades and ion weapons to easily break through its defenses; using lightsabers and blasters will take you all day. Like before, the other way to disable the droid's shields is to run past it to the ancient terminal and shut it down. When it's reduced to rubble, activate the Ancient Terminal at the back of the room. Like with the other terminal, talk to it. Now insert your datapad. Finally, talk to it again. You'll be presented with a puzzle: "identify three primary death-giving seed world types." If you've completed the previous room, this will be a snap. Even if you haven't, the answers will probably jump out at you:

  • Desert

  • Volcanic

  • Barren

  • Now that you've successfully defeated the Guardian droids in both rooms (and if you haven't, see #3), head back into the hub area at #2 and proceed through the now open southern door.

    5 - Dantooine Star Map

    Finally, you've made it to the last part of the final quest on Dantooine. After this, it's an open galaxy ahead (well, four planets is quite a lot to explore). Enter the southern chamber and watch as the device folds open to reveal a holographic map of the entire galaxy. Bastila comments on the whereabouts of four of the planets, yet other data seems to be missing. You both figure that by journeying to these four planets and finding the Star Map on each one, you'll recover the missing data and piece it together, which will lead ultimately to the Star Forge. Go now and speak with the Jedi Council. You can teleport back to the Ebon Hawk or journey on foot. Take a good look around, as this will probably be your last visit to the wilds of Dantooine!

    When you've spoken with the council, they'll give you orders to search the four planets Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan and Korriban in an effort to find the location of the Star Forge. Enter the Ebon Hawk, find the galaxy map in the Bridge - see The Ebon Hawk (#2) - and select your planet of choice. On the way out, you'll get a chance at your first space battle. Simply aim the turrets and fire both the left and right triggers, using the bottom left radar to help locate the remaining ships. Never let off firing if you think you're close to an enemy ship and you'll destroy them faster. It's about as easy a mini-game as they come - just be patient.