Swoop Race
Taris - Swoop Race Platform

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1 - Mechanic

You'll talk to this mechanic in the morning of the Swoop Race and receive the 630xp (or both the xp and 500 credits, depending on who you sided with) for getting this far. He'll give you the lowdown on the rules, and try and instill a bit of fear in you due to the "instability" of your new swoop accelerator. Don't let it bother you - it won't break down. After you're finished with the mechanic, you can talk with the other swoopies at the race or simply see the race organizer at area #2.

2 - Race Organizer

This is the one to talk to for beginning the race. You'll have two heats to race in, and you can even practice before hand. Ask him what the time to beat is. For the first heat, the best time will be incredibly easy to beat and once you do you'll find that another racer has bested your score, so attempt to make it on the slower side if you're very good. After the second heat and your new record, the mechanic will announce that no one can beat your time and you'll win the Swoop Race, collecting 330xp. See our user-submitted Swoop Racing Strategies for tips.

  • After the Race:

    You'll be presented with a victory speech by Brejik and learn that he has decided to withdraw Bastila as his share. The race organizer will protest and a fight will ensue with Brejik and many Vulkars. This is where Bastila steps in, releases herself and helps you with the fight. The fight itself is nothing you can't handle, as Bastila more than makes up for any of your weaknesses. Talk to her after it's finished and Bastila Shan will become a new party member!

    When your conversation is over, you'll be transported back to your Hideout at the South Apartments (#1). Exit the hideout, and you'll be greeted by a messenger of Canderous Ordo, telling you that it's important to meet him at the Lower City Cantina (#9). In actuality, you can meet him either at the upper or lower cantina. Thus continues your quest. Your next objective will be to escape Taris, something that Canderous Ordo will have a hand in.

  • 3 - Bastila

    She's held captive here until after you win.