Black Vulkar Garage
Taris - Black Vulkar Garage

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1 - Exit

Exit to Vulkar Main Base (#11). Your main goal is to get a hold of the swoop accelerator, locked away in the Engine Lab at area #8. But you'll probably regret it if you miss getting to area #5 and the loot inside. To get the accelerator you'll need to venture to area #4, the Office and get the security clearance to the Engine Lab.

2 - Junkpile Droid

One of two repairable droids, fairly close to each other. Both are repairable and an xp opportunity. You can program this one to ram the loading bay doors to area #5. That's one way in. The other way is to use the Garage Computer at area #4 and disable all security doors.

3 - Junkpile Droid

The other repairable droid on the level. This one can only patrol the area, helping you out with the Vulkars in the corridors.

4 - Garage Office

This is the security hub of the Vulkar Garage. In the Garage Head's desk you'll find the "Garage Head Key Card," allowing you access to anywhere except area #5. To do that you'll need to repair the droid at area #2 or access the Garage Computer in this same room and "Disable all Security Doors." Both the key card or garage computer will allow you into the Engine Lab in area #7 and a confrontation with top Vulkar member Kandon Ark and cronies. You'll also find an Improved Energy Cell inside the desk.

If you decide to use the computer, you can also overload the swoop bike in the Garage where the entrance is. This will get rid of more than a few Black Vulkars for you.

5 - Loading Bay

The only way in is to repair the droid at area #2 and set it to ram these loading bay doors, or to access the garage computer at area #4 and "Disable all security doors." There's a powerful patrol droid inside that likes to use its flame thrower for massive damage, and its stun ray. This can be a tough battle, so give it everything you have, and melee it with at least two people that have vibroblades of some type of another. The reward is worth it however. There are two strong boxes. In all, you'll find 2000 credits, a Hyper-Battle Stimulant and more.

6 - Workbench

With all of these upgrades you've been finding, this room comes in handy before the encounter with the Vulkars at area #7. You can use this workbench to upgrade your items, just like in your Hideout back in the South Apartments.

7 - Engine Lab, Kandon Ark

When you enter this room you'll have a choice to make through conversation. You can turn your back on the Beks and side with the Vulkars, avoiding a confrontation here (but starting one somewhere else) and earn (DS Points), or you can prepare for battle with two tough melee opponents and two ranged attackers.

  • Allying with Gadon and the Beks:

    If you choose this route, you'll do battle. Kandon Ark and his female bodyguard will have energy shields so you'll want to have at least one competent melee attacker using a vibroblade. You might want to use a shield or two on your party as well. Concentrate your energy on the female first, then all your power on Kandon, and finally finish off the two ranged attackers in back. On the remains, you'll find: a Hair Trigger, an Aural Amplifier, Response Package, Sith Energy Shield, and a Verpine Head Band.

  • Once the battle's over, you can head to the back of the room, disable a mine and pick up the swoop accelerator at area #8. The other option is siding with the Vulkars.

  • Allying with the Vulkars:

    If you choose to side with Kandon Ark and "dis" Gadon Thek, you'll get a special assignment. Assassinate Gadon at the Hidden Bek Base. After this conversation with Kandon, you'll be escorted to Lower City at the entrance to the Vulkar Base. Once Gadon's taken care of, they'll sponsor you in the big Swoop Race, outfit your bike with the swoop accelerator, give you 500 additional credits and supposedly hand Bastila over to you after you win. When you've killed Gadon Thek, meet Kandon just inside the Vulkar Main Base from the Lower City entrance (Lower City (#7)), and you'll be transported to the Swoop Race.

    After the Swoop Race, for a little adventure, xp and items, you can travel back here and fight this now-hostile group of Vulkars minus Kandon Ark. Defeat them for their items and xp, explained above. You can even pick up another Swoop Accelerator, though it would do you no good now - no, it's not a swoop upgrade you can carry around and use.

  • 8 - Swoop Accelerator

    This is the prize you get for killing Kandon Ark and his guards at area #7. If you instead ally with them, you'll have to kill Gadon Thek first at the Hidden Bek Base, and the Vulkars will then install this accelerator on your swoop bike for the big Swoop Race. Pick it up and return it to Gadon Thek at the Hidden Bek Base if you've killed Kandon, and then you'll be transported to the Swoop Race.