Sandral Grounds
Dantooine - Sandral Grounds

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1 - Exit

Exit to Grove (#6).

2 - Exit

Exit to Grove (#7).

3 - Sandral Estate

The only way you're getting into the Sandral estate is if you've completed your three Jedi trials and have been given the Matale-Sandral Feud quest: see Jedi Enclave (#6: Matale-Sandral Feud).

If you talk to Sandral's Droid outside and have the mission from the Jedi Enclave, it will allow you inside to speak with Mr. Sandral: Sandral Estate (#2). However, before you enter, consider first finding Sandral's son for some bonus items and experience if you haven't yet. When you come back, speak with the Droid and enter the Estate. Read on for the Diary or "Dead Settler" Quest.

  • Casus' Diary or "Dead Settler" Quest:

    If you've got the Matale-Sandral Feud quest but have not yet visited Mr. Sandral, you can gain some bonus xp and a few nice items by completing this side-quest. Sandral's son is missing, and he blames Ahlan Matale. As it turns out, master Mr. Matale has nothing to do with it. Instead, his son was ravaged by Kath Hounds at Matale Grounds (#5). Go there before you talk to Sandral for the first time, and find the "dead settler's" remains. On them, you'll find Casus' Diary and a slew of decent items (explained in the link above). Bring the diary back to the estate, talk to Sandral's Droid outside, and you'll be granted entrance into the Estate to talk with Mr. Sandral: Sandral Estate (#2), earning you another 150xp. Follow the link for more.

  • After Rescuing Shen:

    You've rescued Shen from inside the estate and will meet both him and Rahasia outside here. Soon the meeting of the two families will take place, and there is a (LS Points) opportunity if your persuade skill is high enough. When both the fathers and their droids arrive (and you witness the funny greeting scene), you can gain light side points by convincing the stubborn fathers that they should "work this out together." Through successful yet difficult persuades, you'll be able to rekindle the fathers' trust in Shen and Rahasia, receive 500 credits, 900xp and of course the light side points. However, most people playing the game will have to go the second best route: convincing the children to go to the Jedi Enclave away from the fathers, while their fathers remain mad and vow to speak to the Jedi Council about the matter. For that, you'll get 600xp. You can also egg on the two families to the point that their droids will attack you, and receive (DS Points) and a non-difficult battle. Lastly, you can get Shen to leave Rahasia for (DS Points) and the reward money of 1000 credits from Mr. Matale.

  • 4 - Exit

    Exit to Sandral Estate (#1). This is the main entrance, the one you'll enter after speaking with the Droid for the first time and having the Matale-Sandral Feud quest from the Jedi Council.

    5 - Exit

    Exit to Sandral Estate (#3). You'll need to enter through this side door when you speak first with Mr. Sandral and then agree to help his daughter Rahasia about Matale's missing son, Shen. She'll give you the key to enter through the door. Once you've found Shen, there's no coming back through.

    6 - Difficult Kath Hound

    Meet the King of the Kath Hounds: the Albino. This is one mean critter. He'll take off significant chunks of your vitality while the other normal Kath Hounds try and nibble away at you. For defeating it, you'll receive 750xp and satisfaction.

    7 - Mandalorian Raider Encounter

    This is the last spot you'll encounter Mandalorian Raiders, though it's not the most difficult. Defeating them can net you some decent xp and a slew of normal to above average items from the various bins, remains and footlockers around the area. Among them include various average mines and Stabilizer Gauntlets. If you haven't yet completed the Mandalorian Raider Quest given by Jon in the Courtyard (#3), you'll still need to find the tough raider group with a leader, at the Grove (#4).

    8 - C8-42, Love Droid

    Here's the droid Elise was looking for back at Courtyard (#4). He's being attacked by Kath Hounds, so defeat them and then initiate conversation. You'll learn all about his sickening history with Elise and then he'll ask you to vanquish him into the eternal junk pile. As for his final request, the nicest choice is to say you will kill him and tell Elise the reasons behind it. However, a reader suggested you may be able to force persuade him to return to her. When he goes down (very easily), you'll receive 200xp. Now you can find Elise (link above) and, like Dr. Laura, go do the right thing.

    9 - Exit

    Exit to Crystal Cave (#1). If you've been a skillful navigator of NPC conversations, no doubt you've heard of the place on Dantooine where you can find upgradeable Lightsaber crystals. This is the place.