Dantooine - Courtyard

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1 - Exit

Exit to Jedi Enclave (#4). This is the northernmost map of four. Each southern exit on any map (except #9 this map) leads to the same map but in a different spot.

2 - Nemo, Jedi

Nemo is a wealth of information about Dantooine. The Jedi send this man on an adventure not long after your first meeting, so make it count.

3 - Jon & Raider Quest

Speak with this fellow to learn about the attacks of the Mandalorian Raiders in the area. They spawn in three places, and all are worth defeating, both for the xp and the items - but you only have to defeat one group. Once you defeat their leader and his entourage in the Grove (#4), return to Jon for 250xp, 1000 credits, and (LS Points) if you refuse the reward. You'll also find them at the Matale Grounds (#3) and Sandral Grounds (#7).

4 - Elise & Her Lover Quest

Well, just Elise is here by the landspeeder. Her significant other is missing and if you accept the quest, you'll want to find him. Did I mention it was a droid? In case you're curious, you can find it at the Sandral Grounds (#8).

Return to Elise later when you complete the quest, and if you state that he died and the reasons, she'll return to the enclave in a huff. Go there and search the middle room near Jedi Enclave (#5) to find her. Talk to her then to earn 150xp.

5 - Adum Larp, Merchant and Maps

You can buy either expensive items from Adum or two maps: one of this Courtyard area and another of the Grove, for only 2 credits apiece. Not a bad deal.

6 - Kath Hound Ambush

Not much of an ambush if you're expecting it. This will be your first encounter with a small group of Kath Hounds. Expect many, many more like it, including with the more difficult varieties (Horn Kath Hounds and one still greater far south). One of the easiest ways of dealing with them (and they aren't very tough in general) is to have one party member melee and two stay back at ranged. This way you'll only have one who will usually require medical attention.

7 - Exit

Exit to Matale Grounds (#1).

8 - Exit

Exit to Matale Grounds (#2).

9 - Exit

Exit to Ruins (#1). You won't be allowed access until later, after you remove the dark taint from the Ancient Grove, found at Grove (#5).