Swoop Registration
Tatooine - Swoop Registration

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1 - Exit

Exit to Anchorhead (#6). The only characters with quests in here are Motta the Hutt and Nico Senri. However, after winning the swoop competition, you may threaten the racers in the room for possible pocket change and (DS Points).

2 - Nico Senri, Cocky Kid

Nico won't have anything to do with you until you win all three tiers of the Swoop Race (see #3 below). Sounds like just the kind of guy you'd want to bargain a better deal for. You can do precisely that with Motta the Hutt, his sponsor. Once you have, and have won the race, tell Nico for 250xp.

Alternatively, if you persuade Nico to sign the contract for Motta after winning all the tiers, you'll get (DS Points) but some decent change from Motta in the form of racing bonds. If Canderous is with you and you ask Motta for a bump in the reward, the Mandalorian will pipe in and you'll get your increase of 50%.

3 - Motta the Hutt

When you speak with Motta, ask him a few innocent questions about the Swoop Race here, and you'll find out about Nico, the rising star. Motta's got a hold on the boy, and you can negotiate a better contract for him if you desire for 50xp here, and another 250 when you're able to tell Nico.

  • Swoop Racing:

    Motta is the one to come to when you want to race an official heat in the Tatooine Swoop Race. It'll cost 100 credits the first time but he can be persuaded to lower it to 50 for one time only or Force Persuaded to make it free. The experience and especially credits you make here can be quite lucrative so if you're short on either and determined, you'll do well here. You can even earn enough and then some to cover the cost of the shiny new translator droid at the Droid Shop (#3). Each race bond (the currency you're paid in) that you win can be sold to merchants for 60 credits. Since you'll be winning well over 100 credits for all three tiers, that's over 6k. See our user-submitted Swoop Strategies
    in our Strategy Guide section for detailed advice.

  • If you have the Mysterious Box Quest:

    If you're here about the Mysterious Box Quest - see The Ebon Hawk (#1): "Mysterious Box" for details - you received on Korriban from Lurze, return it to Motta for 2000 credits and 500xp, or persuade for 2500 and zero xp.

  • 4 - Track Coordinator

    You can race a practice heat for the recreational fee of just 20 credits.