Central Beach
Unknown World - Central Beach

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1 - Exit

Exit to The Ebon Hawk (#1). Not a bad place to land considering what happened. It's beautiful here. There are few things of note in this area. You'll find a footlocker in the water with some average items, but your first encounter is at #2. For the most experience and items on the Unknown World, roughly follow the walkthrough... at least the order of general locations.

Your goal on this world is to make it inside the Ancient Temple that Mission briefly brings up in the cut-scene aboard the Ebon Hawk. To do that, you'll need to enlist the help of either of two settlements, explained later in the walkthrough. Your secondary goal is to find salvageable "ship parts" to fix the stabilizers aboard the Ebon Hawk.

If you still have those snuggly gizka aboard the 'Hawk, you'll find that they take a liking to this place.

2 - Rakatan Encounter

As you approach the slight hill, five rakatan warriors appear from around the bend, and will attack your party. They're not any more difficult than your average Sith, so don't be too concerned. When they're defeated, two duros will come out from hiding and thank you for saving their life. It's up to you what you say, but you can milk them for some information about the planet if you wish... and learn about the Mandalorians in the Temple Exterior area (that pertain to a quest a short bit later).

3 - Rakatan Encounter

More Rakata. This time you'll fight six of them, with one being a more powerful Elite. Any of your mass-affecting force powers should more than easily do the trick here. After you mop the sand up with these guys, you won't encounter any more at Central Beach during your entire stay.

4 - Exit

Exit to North Beach (#1). You'll probably want to head to North Beach your first time due to a particular quest and more xp, but that choice is up to you. You can complete the Unknown World by siding with whomever you wish.

5 - View

This is simply a breathtaking view. For a video game, I haven't seen many imaginary places that I've liked that are as beautiful as this world... and maybe none. Hyrule in Zelda: The Wind Waker is up there as well but the graphics are better here.

6 - Exit

Exit to Temple Exterior (#1). Beware of Wild Rancors in the area.