Tatooine Docking Bay
Tatooine - Docking Bay

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1 - Exit

Exit to The Ebon Hawk (#1). As soon as you exit the 'Hawk here, a Customs Officer greets you, demanding a docking fee of 100 credits. You can persuade him to drop the fee. Later, if you're doing the Mission's Brother's Quest - see Jedi Enclave (#2) for details - and you rescue him from the Sand People without Mission in your party, as soon as you get back to the Docking Bay, this is where a cut-scene will take place.

  • NPC Side Quest Trigger:

    Outside the Ebon Hawk here in the Docking Bay is an area you can trigger NPC party quests if you've met specific conditions with the NPC. You'll just need to run around in front of the Ebon Hawk to trigger the event. See Jedi Enclave (#2) for complete details on all the NPC party quests.

  • 2 - Mic'Tunan'Jus, Merchant

    A handy merchant who sells, among other things, "Gizka Poison" for 350 credits. See #3 below for that quest.

    3 - Jor Ul Kurax, Cargo Chief

    The first time on Tatooine, he'll stop you at this spot and tell you that he's loaded a freight of "Gizka" onto the Ebon Hawk. You can elect to leave them be, poison them or give them to an exotic species dealer on Manaan. See The Ebon Hawk (#1): Gizka Invasion Quest for details.

    4 - Exit

    Exit to Anchorhead (#1).