Deck 1
The Star Forge - Deck 1

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1 - Exit

Exit to Ebon Hawk (#1). Whether you're playing as Dark or Light, as soon as you step off the Ebon Hawk, a group of Jedi will begin battle with a group of Dark Jedi. You can attack the Dark Jedi for xp or continue through toward area #3. One word of warning. After you hit area #3, you're going to remain on the Star Forge until the bitter end. There is no going back to the Ebon Hawk until it's over.

Your goal here is to make it down to Deck 2, via the exits at either area #7 or #8. Either of those exits result in the same encounters since most of the Star Forge is symmetrical.

2 - Jedi Battle & Elevator

This Jedi battle with several Dark Jedi happens as soon as you step off the Ebon Hawk. You can help or decide to leave them alone and head to area #3. The Elevator, as you might notice, is locked. You can only head toward area #3.

3 - Assault Droids

Here is where the fun begins, and you'll only get a taste of it here. Malak will authorize the release of four droids to attack your party, and several others on your way down to Deck 2. They have heavy shields on, but either Bastila's Force Lightning or Jolee's Stun Droid line of powers can help tremendously. You may choose to use your powerful vibroblades if you're having trouble with them, to slice through their shields.

After the droids are defeated, you can choose either the east or west path. The walkthrough outlines the east path, but the other is identical. The door to the north is now closed and you will not be able to make it back to the Ebon Hawk from this point forward.

4 - Explosion & Droids

When you make it to this door (and likewise, the identical door on the west path), it will explode, doing light damage to you and revealing another couple of droids below.

5 - Assault Droids & One-way Door

After the droids, continue through the door toward area #6. Though the door will not be locked to you going through it from this direction, if you came around from the other side, you wouldn't be able to get back through it. Likewise, the same thing happens in reverse on the other side - you can go through the door from above, but not from below.

6 - Dark Jedi Encounter

As you approach the area, you'll witness three Dark Jedi battling Light Jedi. After their victory, the Dark Jedi will attack. Not that it will help much now, you can find a Nextor Crystal on one of their remains. Your goal now is to head to either of the two exits, at area #7 or #8, it makes no difference. When you're on Deck 2, both sides will begin on symmetrical ends to one another and converge in the middle.

7 - Exit

Exit to Deck 2 (#1). This exit is blocked by two Dark Jedi.

8 - Exit

Exit to Deck 2 (#2). This exit is blocked by two Dark Jedi.