Lower City West Apartments
Taris - Lower City West Apartments

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1 - Exit

Exit to Lower City (#5). You'll find most Black Vulkar gang members on the west side, pick up some nice items for your level, and a bounty quest (see #4) in these apartments.

2 - Vulkar Encounter

Inside the room you'll find one of the tougher Vulkars, a "gang boss," and another gang member. In the supply canister, you'll find an Armor Reinforcement. In the small niche to the north of the room, there's a minor mine you'll have to disable or recover to avoid damage, and a footlocker at the back of the niche. Inside you'll find a Sonic Grenade, a few Antidote Kits and Repair Parts.

3 - Sealed Strong Box Puzzle

Before you attempt to open the strong box at the back, find the desk along the wall and read the datapad inside. This will give you the clues you need to open the security on the strong box. It's a reading comprehension quiz, so try and remember all the details from the datapad you can, then attempt to open the strong box. The answers are as follows:

"My uncle"

For opening it, you'll get 110xp, a Blaster Pistol, Republic Mod Armor and 100 credits.

4 - Selven's Bounty

She's an assassin with a bounty on her head, and when you pick the lock on the low security door, she'll only give you one chance to leave her alone. If you're here for the bounty (or are just curious) that's probably not going to happen. Walk inside the room again to turn her hostile. She's a competent fighter, so don't get cocky. There's not a dark side point hit either for annoying and then killing her, and you'll find some nice items on her remains: a Scope, Adrenaline Amplifier and Neural Band.

There's also the matter of Zax the Hutt's bounty on her head in the Lower City Cantina (#8). Return to him (let's call it a him for conversation sake) and you'll get 300 credits (persuade for more) and 105xp.