Leviathan - Hangar

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1 - Elevator

Elevator to Command Deck (#1) (labeled "Bridge"), Prison Block (#1) (labeled "Cell Block") and Hangar #1 (right here). Your goal is to make it out to the Ebon Hawk at area #7, but you've got some surprises in store.

2 - Sith Troopers

You'll encounter several troopers here. Nothing you haven't dealt with the in the past, but could be helpful to know.

3 - Dark Jedi

There's one Dark Jedi Master and two Dark Jedi here in the room and they like to play with force powers. Be careful.

4 - Control Room

Here's a large room with a view of the docking bay with the Ebon Hawk at one end. If you sidle against the window you can see the entrance to the bay, though you won't really be going there, but it's a nice view. Oh yes, and there're several Sith here in the room as well. Use your force powers to decimate them, and then search the remains and containers for average but potentially helpful items.

5 - Darth Malak

Your first meeting with Darth Malak... or is it? He'll meet you at this area, and after some words (which I'm not going to relate here), he'll freeze your companions just like Juhani did way back at the tainted grove on Dantooine, and you and he will do battle. He'll always start the battle throwing on Force Resistance. You might consider doing the same if you have it, or else face his own force powers. He won't need to be completely defeated, but when you deal perhaps 60%, the battle will stop and he'll run through the forward central door into area #6. Your characters will still be frozen and it will be up to you to give chase.

6 - 2nd Malak Encounter

When you've knocked him around enough to watch him flee, make your way around either the north or south side of the small square to the east side, opening the doors where needed. You'll only be able to get into the center area via the east door, so make your way to that, and be prepared to face Darth Malak a second time. Using the same tactics as above (if they worked), take his energy substantially down, and Bastila will open the west door and attempt to hold him off while you and Carth run to the Ebon Hawk. There's no way back into the area after this so you'll have to accept that and exit through area #7 with Carth.

After reuniting with your party aboard the Ebon Hawk, you'll face some sith ships in the Gunner Turret, and then continue on to whichever planet you were headed to before the Leviathan intercepted you. Or, if you chose Dantooine, you'll head to the planet where the remaining Star Map is. You're almost ready to face the unknown. Just one more.