Sand People Territory
Tatooine - Sand People Territory

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1 - Exit

Exit to Dune Sea (#8).

2 - Exit

Exit to Eastern Dune Sea (#2). You'll only be able to enter the Eastern Dune Sea with a map from the Sand People Chieftain within their enclave. Whether that's by peace or by force is up to you.

3 - Mine Territory

This whole area is sparsely populated with Sand People Warriors, Bantha, corpses and Average Mines. If your awareness and demolitions skill is high enough, you can snag more than 10 average mines from this area alone. It's a good deal considering mines aren't cheap. You'll also be able to find a life support pack on a corpse just west of the map marker, and on a twi'lek corpse just east of it, the best grenade in the game, a thermal detonator.

4 - Turrets & Sand People Guard

These turrets won't harm you unless you attack any member of the Sand People near enough that they (the turrets) can target you; be careful where you attack. On your way into the Enclave the second time (if you're choosing the peaceful solution), speak to the guard here. Tell him you have the moisture vaporators and he'll take you inside to the Chieftain.

5 - Exit

Exit to Sand People Enclave (#1).

6 - Vorn Daasraad, Genoharadan Bounty

Vorn's droid and swoop bike will only be here if you've received the second part of the Genoharadan Bounty Quests from Hulas in East Central, Manaan. See East Central (#13) under the Vorn Daasraad section for complete details on the quest. When he's dead, you can report back to Hulas for a reward.