Temple Main Floor
Unknown World - Temple Main Floor

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1 - Exit

Exit to Temple Exterior (#6). Your goal here is twofold. First you'll need to get into the Temple Catacombs via the exit at area #15 to unlock the massive door at area #2, and then you'll proceed through exit #16 to the Temple Summit to try and disable the planetary disruptor field. You'll find that many of the rooms here are filled with a Dark Jedi "Acolyte."

2 - Massive Door & Sith Sentry Droids

You won't be able to enter the massive door guarding this room until you unlock it from the Temple Catacombs, via exit #15. Inside will be two Sith Sentry Droids with a license to kill.

3 - Computer

There's a potentially helpful computer within this room, if you've got the gumption to use it. It can help with the various locations within the temple, deactivating sentry turrets and droids, that sort of thing, for xp.

4 - Sith Assault

Passing this open alcove, you'll be attacked by an Acolyte and Assault Droid... along with the pair of droids already in the corridor. It's nothing your party can't handle though.

5 - Useful Containers

Search the cylinders in this room for very useful Life Support Packs.

6 - Computer

Another computer that you can use to disable droid circuitry or sentry turrets within the Temple for xp, or view the various locations with the camera.

7 - Obelisk Corridor

This long corridor with a dead end and defense turrets lining its walls has no function now, but it was the place Bastila was being held captive by Malak in a previous cutscene. [/end tour]

8 - Rusted Droid & Droid Upgrades

Your party should be perfectly capable of taking out any threat in the temple, but in case you want a bit of xp, you can set this droid to patrol mode along with upgrading its functions. Be sure to search the two locked metal boxes in this room for many potentially useful droid upgrades.

9 - Deadly Mines & Crystal

Guarding the rune-covered pillar in one corner are two deadly frag mines. You'll need someone with an awareness of 20 or greater to spot 'em. When they're gone, you can reach the rune-covered pillar for a very useful Sapith Crystal lightsaber upgrade.

10 - Computer

There are no shortage of computers on this level. Here's another that can help with various locations within the Temple if you want the xp or just feel like it.

11 - Dark Jedi Encounter

As soon as you enter this room, you'll be confronted by two Dark Jedi, who will attack you after the short dialogue. Not so tough by themselves, as soon as they're defeated a Sith Master may open the door to area #12 and attack your party. If he does not, you'll find him there. See area #12 for details on the spoils.

12 - Sith Master

When defeating the two Dark Jedi in area #11, he'll come out boasting about the years he's spent in training, and will naturally attack. If he does not, you'll find him in his room and it will play out the same. He's fairly tough so don't save your force powers. The reason for these encounters? They're guarding the Armory (with workbench) at area #13. Search the remains of the Sith Master and the two Dark Jedi for four lightsabers, a Dark Jedi Master Robe two Sith Power Gauntlets and a very nice Upari Crystal, handy considering the workbench at area #13.

13 - Armory & Workbench

Looking for place to work the Sapith & Upari crystals from areas #9 & #12 into your lightsaber? There's a workbench in this locked room (with a DC of 30). Along with the workbench, there are wonderful items in the footlockers and other containers here. One will give you five of each type of grenade, including the mighty Thermal Detonator. Another locked footlocker will give you the best type of shield in the game, the Verpine Prototype Shield. If you've been following the walkthrough, head now to area #14 and eventually the exit to the catacombs at #15.

14 - Prototype Droids & Strong Box

This antechamber on your way to the Temple Catacombs through the exit at #15 holds two challenging prototype droids with heavy shields. Make use of your good vibroblades, or Jolee's Stun Droid series of force powers (if available) to make it an easy battle. When it's over, search the strong box in the room for 5k credits, a pair of Life Support Packs and two Red Crystals (in the off chance that you were short).

15 - Exit

Exit to Temple Catacombs (#1). Inside is the computer you'll need to use to reach the Temple Summit.

16 - Exit

Exit to Temple Summit (#1). After venturing into the catacombs via the exit at area #15, and using the computer there, you'll gain access to this exit up to the summit, where you can shut down the planetary disruptor field.