Yavin Space Station
Yavin Space Station

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1 - Exit

Exit to Ebon Hawk (#1). Yavin Space Station was at first only available in the PC version of the game, but you can now download it using an Xbox Live account. As soon as you can travel via the galaxy map aboard the Ebon Hawk, you'll see Yavin as a destination location. Suvam Tan, the only NPC on the station in area #3, is a merchant and will restock his inventory two additional times throughout the game. The first time you get here, he'll have 6 items available for purchase. After finding the third Star Map (including Dantooine) he'll receive an additional 11 high-quality items. After finding the last Star Map (your 5th overall), he'll show you 9 more, the best of the bunch.

2 - Access Panel

You'll always have to pass through three access panels en route to Suvam Tan, the merchant at area #3. During your first trip, he'll stop you here and query you as to your identity and objectives here on Yavin. Whichever way you wish to answer, he'll let you in.

The two access panels at the far end of the large room with Suvam Tan always say "Denied." I don't think they have any other function, though if you find one, let us know.

3 - Suvam Tan, Merchant, Inventor, Pazaak Shark

On your first arrival, you'll find no Trandoshan encounter this time. While talking with Suvam, you can learn the lore surrounding the space station, and find out all about him. If you have the Affect Mind line, you can Force Persuade him to "cut you a deal," giving you a 5% discount on all goods and apparently no (DS Points). There's also a gizka in the room. If you kill it, you'll receive (DS Points). As mentioned above, Suvam restocks his inventory twice more during the game: once after you find the 3rd Star Map (including Dantooine), and again after you find the last one. All of his previous items remain for sale when new ones come in, so there is no rush. In total, he has 26 new items by the end of the game. Check our equipment sections for details on the new items, all labeled with a -PC Only-. Furthermore, if you have any racing bonds from the swoop races, he pays much more than your average merchant... 156 credits per bond to be precise... whether you play him in Pazaak or not... so keep that in mind.

Suvam also plays Pazaak for the substantial amount of up to 750 credits. If you should happen to beat him 10 times, you'll receive an amazing 20% off of all his items. That's not all folks; when you sell to him now, you'll get a lot more for your credit. Take advantage of this.

  • After finding the 3rd Star Map (including Dantooine):

    Upon entering the large room, you'll find him surrounded by couple of intimidating Trandoshans with swords. Despite any attempt on your part to provoke a fight this time around, they'll leave. Suvam also restocks his inventory with 11 new items.

  • After finding the last Star Map:

    When talking with Suvam, seven Trandoshans will ambush Suvam and your party, first attacking with very powerful ranged weapons until you get close, at which point they may switch to melee. A Trandoshan will be posted in each of the three points on the east side of the station, and two pairs of two Trandoshans will emerge near your party and again at the west end of the room. All will attack doing fairly powerful damage. Incapacitating a few or lot of them using force powers, and then working on others is probably your best tactic, but most anything will work.

    After the battle, be sure to search the remains of each Trandoshan to find 1000+ credits on each, plus anywhere from one to three Thermal Detonators, and a slew of other more minor items. Talk to Suvam again, and he'll show you 9 additional high-quality items he didn't have before, including the ultra powerful duo of lightsaber upgrades (see our equipment section under upgrades).