Sandral Estate
Dantooine - Sandral Estate

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1 - Exit

Exit to Sandral Grounds (#4).

2 - Nurik & Rahasia

Your first time here, Mr. Sandral will greet you. If you came across his son Casus' Diary (see Matale Grounds (#5) and the "dead settler" quest), you'll earn 150xp and a reward if you politely give him back the diary. Refuse his reward for (LS Points).

Alternatively, in the unlikely event you've been through Korriban and are coming back to do this quest, you can tell Sandral that their son flew off to the Sith Academy and was killed in one of the Tombs. Talk about bad news.

Now down to business. Whether or not you retrieved Casus' diary, Mr. Sandral will say a few words and then ask you to leave. Before that happens, however, Rahasia his daughter will emerge from the interior of the estate and ask for your help rescuing Shen (see #6), held captive by Nurik. Agree to help her and along with 300xp, she'll give you a key to the side door to the estate, at Sandral Grounds (#5). Exit through the front door as that's the only way in, then travel around to the side door and use it to enter at #3 of this map.

3 - Exit

Exit to Sandral Grounds (#5). As soon as you enter this side of the estate, you'll fight a hostile droid to your left. This place is crawling with droids. Fortunately, they aren't very difficult and you'll have computer and sentry droid help if you need it. (see #4 and #5 respectively).

4 - Security Room

After fighting some droids, you'll find a Security Panel here. Slice into it and create havoc within the estate (especially to the droids) for xp.

5 - Security Room

Repairable Sentry Droid within. Defeat the hostile droids first. You can set the droid to patrol mode to help with the Sandral droids, and to get a little xp.

6 - Shen

Outside this holding cell, you'll have to disable or run through a mine. If your party isn't equipped with the security skill, or you haven't found the key located in one of the footlockers in the area (which is not really crucial as you'll see), you can bash the door open to find Shen (plus 150xp). Shen wants to escape but he won't leave behind Rahasia, who's at area #7. He will therefore offer a solution; if you can get Rahasia to join him outside, they can run away together. Now go and find her at #7.

  • After Speaking with Rahasia:

    Tell Shen the news and you'll immediately be transported outside where a confrontation between the families will soon take place: see Sandral Grounds (#3: After Rescuing Shen).

  • 7 - Rahasia

    Quite a small room for the daughter of a rich man... but that's beside the point. Until you've found Shen, Rahasia will have nothing much to say. Once he's found (at area #6), he'll send you here to convince Rahasia to run away with Shen. It's not too difficult and you won't have to use your persuasion powers to do it. Once she's agreed, you'll get 300xp and you'll need to go back and tell Shen the good news. When you do, you'll all be transported outside where a confrontation between the families will soon take place: see Sandral Grounds (#3: After Rescuing Shen).