South Beach
Unknown World - South Beach

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1 - Exit

Exit to Temple Exterior (#4). Your goal here is to make it inside the Elder Settlement at area #6 and speak with the councilors.

2 - Gizka go Boom

When you step forward, you'll encounter a lone cuddly Gizka traipse across a deadly plasma mine. This is a warning. You'll find five more of them in the area, so have someone with an awareness of 20 or greater with you, unless you want to be fragged. Truthfully, though they'll do 72 or 36 damage, you should be powerful enough to walk over them should you not spot 'em. If you have a high demolitions, though, here's a good chance to pick up the mines (which can be very useful in a certain battle much later).

3 - Ship Parts

Here lies one of two salvageable ship parts you can find to repair the Ebon Hawk's stabilizers. The other is at the Rakatan Settlement (#7). This one is guarded by two deadly plasma mines and several more around the area. Have someone with an awareness of 20 or greater, or a high vitality pick the parts up. You only need to find one set of "ship parts" to repair the Ebon Hawk. See The Ebon Hawk (#1) under the "Replacement Ship Parts" quest for more details.

4 - Wild & Young Rancors

On your first visit to the South Beach, there will be two wild rancors here. On subsequent visits, there will instead be young rancors.

5 - Elder Hologram Encounter

When stepping into this area, you'll encounter a hologram that asks the purpose of your visit. Tell it either "I seek the Star Forge" or, after asking who it is, "I am Revan" and it will take you inside to meet with the Elder Councilors at Elder Settlement (#2). Otherwise, it will activate an energy trap and your party will be killed. Easy choice.

6 - Exit

Exit to Elder Settlement (#1).