Kolto Control
Manaan - Kolto Control

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1 - Exit

Exit to Sea Floor (#6). Inside are several insane selkath, so be prepared when first entering this area.

2 - Exit

Exit to Sea Floor (#7). In the room you'll be fighting several insane selkath alone, so be prepared.

3 - Insane Selkath

There's a group of four insane selkath around the corner, and you'll be fighting them alone. Grenades can be very handy here. An adhesive grenade to begin is a good choice, or a concussion so that you won't need to fight them all at the same time. If Manaan is not your first planet though, you might have little trouble with them.

4 - Insane Selkath

There's a group of insane selkath in this area, so if you've entered from area #2, be prepared. Toss a grenade or two to begin the battle if you're unsure of yourself at this point - adhesive or concussion work well to begin with.

5 - Force Field

You'll see a big force field the first time you enter, separating this room and the one to its north with two humans inside. If you touch the force field, the people inside will pressurize the chamber and shut all doors, and you'll have 60 seconds to either re-pressurize the chamber, talk them out of it, or bash it down. If you choose to re-pressurize the area yourself, there's a handy control panel in the room that you can use to do so. Or, touch the force field again to talk to the people inside, convince them that you're not here to hurt them, and they'll turn it off. Finally, a few attempts at bashing it should also complete the job. You may now enter and speak with them.

6 - Kono Nolan & Sami

When talking to them, you'll learn of the giant firaxa shark out in the Rift, and of two ways to eliminate that threat. Kono gives you the easy solution in the form of a poison cannister that you can feed into the harvester vents. Sami, on the other hand, gives you an alternate way to possibly satiate the beast. If you destroy the mining station using an unstable combination of chemicals, you can cause an explosion that rips the station apart, and the beast might leave. So you have essentially the Dark Side way and the Light Side way of getting rid of the giant firaxa. When you're through talking, exit Kolto Control through area #7.

7 - Exit

Exit to Hrakert Rift (#1).