Shyrack Caves
Korriban - Shyrack Caves

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1 - Exit

Exit to Valley of the Dark Lords (#3). Within the cave you'll find groups of usually five shyracks at a time. Also, the corpses in the circular inner areas similar to #2 contain a few items of the plasma grenade quality.

2 - Thalia May & the Renegade Students

Here's another prestige opportunity for Uthar at the Sith Academy (#8). You can get prestige either by killing them for obvious (DS Points) or by saving them and then lying to Uthar about their whereabouts. Talk to Thalia May, the leader of the small band of students, and if you're not here to kill them, tell her that. She'll tell you about an exit near the back of the cave, and that they'd escape if it weren't for the guardian creature back there. You can offer your help and though she won't believe you, it'll end conversation. The creature is a tarentatek, a fairly powerful creature that fortunately is susceptible to force powers. It's located at area #3. If you've killed Thalia and co. you can report back to Uthar for prestige, but if you want to free them, you'll need to deal with the creature first.

On Thalia May's corpse is a Jenruax Crystal and Yusani's Dueling Shield.

  • After killing the Guardian Creature:

    Return to the Thalia, tell her that the creature is dead and that she's free to go, and you'll get 1000xp and (LS Points). You can now report to Uthar that "they... are gone" without getting Dark Side points, but gaining some prestige.

  • 3 - Tarentatek & Shyracks

    Across this natural bridge, you'll see a rancor-like monster, though smaller. It's a tarentatek, a monster that hits for large damage, and hits often. Fortunately, it's not often able to resist your force powers, so use them to incapacitate, then destroy it for good xp. After (or during) the battle, you're likely to run into a few of the tougher shyracks in this area as well, so be prepared. They aren't nearly as tough as the tarentatek. Be sure to head up to area #4 for some very nice items. Then report back to Thalia May at area #3 if you killed the tarentatek to free them.

    4 - Corpse & Remains

    Search the remains back here for the wonderful Qel-Droma Robes and Duron's Journal. This datapad journal relates to two other datapad journals you may have found (or might find) - one on Kashyyyk, at Lower Shadowlands (#8), and the other here on Korriban, at the Tomb of Naga Sadow (#4). The one in Kashyyyk is called Guun Han's journal and the other one on Korriban is Shaela's. Their story spans multiple planets and is about these explorers and their relationship with one another. If there's anything more to this than simply reading these journals, please let us know.

    Search the corpse for a decent 900 credits and Massassi Ceremonial Armor.