Tatooine - Anchorhead

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1 - Exit

Exit to Docking Bay (#4). You're not required to go into all of the buildings, such as the Hunting Lodge, Swoop Registration or Droid Shop during your main quest to find the Star Map, but they can help with experience and in other ways. You will need to visit the Czerka Office as leaving Anchorhead (at #11) requires a Hunting License.

2 - Sharina Fizark, Damsel in Distress

She's got a Desert Wraid Plate that she needs to sell to get off Tatooine. Only, she doesn't have the required Hunting License to sell it to the only one who will take it, Fazaa Utral in the Hunting Lodge (#2). You can either buy it from her for 500 credits right there, and receive (LS Points) (even more LS points for offering 200 extra) and 250xp, or offer to sell it for her instead. If you opt to sell it for her, you'll first need to get the license from the Protocol Officer at the Czerka Office (#3). After you agree to her terms and get the license, go back to the Hunting Lodge and sell it to Fazaa there. Come back to Sharina and you'll have some options. For the most (LS Points), give her 200 more than the 500 you sold it for. You'll also get the 250xp.

3 - Maana Demknot Encounter

This Duros only shows up here and automatically stops you if you've got Bastila's Mother Quest in action, found at the Jedi Enclave (#2). Essentially Maana tells you that Bastila's mother is in the Anchorhead Cantina (#4), then storms off.

4 - Exit

Exit to Czerka Office (#1). This is where you'll get your Hunter's License. On your way out of the office the first time, the angry Duros who was originally inside confronts you again outside and attempts to give you a peaceful way to settle the Sand People conflict the Czerka Corporation is having with them. It's good to know if you were playing the light side and were a bit worried you'd have to kill innocent people. He'll direct you to the Droid Shop (#9) to pick up a translator droid and tell you how to disguise yourself to get into the Sand People Territory without fighting.

5 - Exit

Exit to Hunting Lodge (#1). Inside you'll find a merchant that buys Wraid Plates, a selection of local hunters and a Pazaak Shark. As an aside, it's kind of ironic that the only place in the game to have a hunting lodge is on the same type of world that was classified as a "death-giving" seed world type back on Dantooine at the ruins' computer.

6 - Exit

Exit to Swoop Registration (#1). Swoop Racing of course, and a few minor quests are inside.

7 - Dark Jedi Encounter

Possibly your first lightsaber encounter with multiple Dark Jedi in the game, you'll be met by three here. They're on a mission from Malak as you'll see and this can be a semi-difficult encounter if you're not prepared. Search their remains for some very useful items, including: a Damind Crystal and Sith Assassin Pistol.

8 - Exit

Exit to Anchorhead Cantina (#1). The bartender has some useful and different items, including a supreme selection of Pazaak Cards.

9 - Exit

Exit to Droid Shop (#1). Meet HK.

10 - Iziz, Gentle Jawa

This smooth talker will ask you to rescue his diminutive buddies from the Sand People Enclave (#3). Go to the Czerka Office (#2) to get started on the Sand People quest.

  • After rescuing the Jawas:

    When you've rescued the Jawas, come back to Iziz for 350xp and a shiny new Echani Shield.

    Iziz will also give you a map to the Eastern Dune Sea once you rescue his compatriots from the Sand People, assuming you haven't already received it from the Chieftain.

  • 11 - Exit

    Exit to Dune Sea (#1). Talk to the Gate Guard just inside the giant gate to leave. However, you'll need a Hunter's License from the Czerka Office (#3) in order to pass through. All that will cost is an agreement to stop the Sand People raids on the Czerka Corporation.

    12 - Senni Vek, Genoharadan Encounter

    After killing Calo Nord (most likely on your way back from the Star Map) and if you've not seen him before, a Twi'lek named Senni Vek will walk up to you and say that you've dropped your datapad. You can take it by saying "Uh... thanks." When you read the datapad, it cryptically says, "The Genoharadan say to see Hulas on Manaan. Come alone or not at all." By visiting Hulas without any party members in your party, at East Central in Manaan, you can trigger multiple bounty hunter quests that give (DS Points), powerful items and experience. Of course, if you've already triggered Senni Vek on another planet (any is possible), then he will not show up here.