Dantooine - Grove

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1 - Exit

Exit to Matale Grounds (#6).

2 - Exit

Exit to Matale Grounds (#7).

3 - "Murdered Settlers" Quest

On the bridge you're approached by Bolook, a Twi'lek Jedi investigating a recent murder. If you decide to leave the area, you won't get another chance at this quest, and it's worth a lot of exp. He's got the two suspects and an info droid rounded up just beyond the bridge and wants you to help with the investigation and punishment. The suspects in the case are Rickard Lusoff and Handon Guld. The victim was a farmer named Calder. Each "round" of questioning you'll prod Rickard and Handon for all the information you can, and then go over that information with the Info Droid standing nearby. After you're satisfied with the information, go and speak with Bolook again, answering his questions and beginning a new round.

  • Round 1:

    After questioning the three sources of information, you'll come to realize that Rickard was lying. How can he have been misled by the sun glare if it was cloudy that day? Tell Bolook that.

  • Round 2:

    Again, plow the three sources for information: Rickard, Handon and the droid. You'll find that both men had possible motives for the death of Calder. Speak with Bolook and when questioned, answer any way you wish since both accusations are correct.

  • Round 3:

    Once again, wrangle the sources for information. You'll find that Handon lied about the blaster being stolen, and should tell this to Bolook when he questions you. On to the final round of questioning.

  • Round 4:

    Finally, for this last round, question the info droid. You can question the other two but they've told you everything you need already. From the Droid, you'll learn that the blood on the blaster is not Calder's. Rickard has a limp and Handon holds his side (likely injury). Talk with Bolook again and tell him the blood was Handon's (faster way) or Rickard's, as long as you're clued in about their injury. When he asks why, tell him about the limp or the injury. Bolook will have a look at either Handon or Rickard then Handon, then come back to you and ask who's guilty. You'll have three choices. Rickard, Handon or both. If you choose just one suspect as being guilty, you'll get 470xp and some admonishment from Bolook. However, if you say that both are guilty and tell Bolook their motives (Calder was sleeping with Handon's wife and had a business deal with Rickard which went sour), you'll get both praise and 1310xp!
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    4 - Mandalorian Raiders Encounter

    Here's the tough group with the leader Sherruk, the one you'll need to defeat if you've taken on the Raider quest from Jon in the Courtyard (#3). The only way that Sherruk the leader will spawn here as well is if you've already cleared the other two encounters, one at Matale Grounds (#3), and the other at Sandral Grounds (#7). If you come here before that, the raiders will be here, but without their leader. No worries, though, as you can simply go back and defeat the others, and come back and they'll all be here again, with Sherruk.

    This can be a difficult encounter, so I'd advise caution. Sherruk will have an energy shield which will take some punishment before going down. You can, however, use your vibroblades instead of your lightsabers to speed up the process. A reader sent in that Force Whirlwind is pretty effective here. There will also be two Duros and two more Mandalorians to battle as well. Throw a grenade or two in there to help with the battle before it starts. Bastila's Stun force power can come in handy here too, especially with Sherruk, who nets you another 750xp for his death. You'll be glad you came when you search his remains: two Lightsabers, Eriadu Strength Amplifier, Verpine Cardio-Regulator and Sonic Nullifiers. Search the remains on the other troops for more goods and return to Jon in the Courtyard (#3) for another 250xp and 1000 credits (if you keep the reward).

    Note for the Xbox version: It's possible that you came to the Grove through exit #7 on the map, from underneath, even after defeating both other raider groups. When I did this, there were four Raiders there and no Sherruk (I'm assuming because the trigger and combat occurred as soon as I entered the Grove). If that's the case with you, defeat them and then simply walk up to the Matale Grounds again, and back down here once more. All the raiders will be respawned, including the leader Sherruk. Get close to initiate a short conversation and blast away.

    5 - Ancient Grove, Juhani

    As you approach the ancient grove (your third trial from the Jedi Council), a dark jedi will exit the grove and freeze your two party members and initiate combat. This is Juhani, another possible party member. She's not overly difficult but can be a challenge for your level. Use an energy shield to make the battle easier. When she's down to about 2/3 to 4/5 of her vitality, she'll end the combat and talk to you. Here's your chance to turn her back to the Light Side or kill her outright for (DS Points). If you do kill her, you won't be able to use her Jedi skills throughout the game, obviously - and she's quite powerful, especially toward the end.

    To turn her to the light side, you can use your persuade skills if they're high enough, or you can simply choose nice but logical responses that convince her that the Council will forgive her. After it's done, you'll receive 1200xp and she'll return to the Enclave (in the central area between the council and exit). Search the remains nearby bodies for some helpful though average items, and return to Zhar at the Jedi Enclave (#7). You'll be promoted, given another 800xp and given your final task when you again seek the Council's advice. And, if you turned her back to the light side, Juhani will be a new party member as soon as you leave Dantooine!

    6 - Exit

    Exit to Sandral Grounds (#1).

    7 - Exit

    Exit to Sandral Grounds (#2).