Command Module
Endar Spire - Command Module

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1 - Your Quarters

This is where you wake up after a dream. You'll meet Trask Ulgo, who will fill you in on what's going on and join your party. The Endar Spire is a tutorial, so I'd advise reading everything you can your first time through. Open the footlocker at the back of the room and equip yourself (50xp), then switch to Trask (black button) and have him open the door to the room (100xp). When you exit, you'll encounter your first combat. Search their remains.

2 - Sith Troopers

Five of them to be precise. You'll by now have picked up a frag grenade or two, so toss one at them to make the battle easier. As always (and I'll stop mentioning it now), search every bin, footlocker, corpse and pantry cupboard for free items. If you do, you can spend your credits on useful stuff like nice belts, headgear and gloves later in the game rather than medpacs and stims.

3 - Parts

On a droid that blows up, you can find some repair parts, useful for the next section.

4 - Equipment

Search the remains of a soldier and find a Vibration Cell, a melee upgrade item.

5 - Bridge

After a quick cut-scene, you'll be free to roam around. Search the backpack by the entrance door for a Blaster Pistol. When you're done, make a U-turn through the door on the opposite side.

6 - Escape Pod Access

Head through the exit here to the Starboard Section. Once you leave, you can't come back.

7 - Exit

Exit to Starboard Section (#1).